Non-dependants are people who live with you who are not your partner or people who are named on your tenancy agreement.

These could be:

  • Children who have left school
  • Relatives
  • Friends

If they are over 18, they are expected to contribute towards your housing costs and/or Council Tax. The government and the council will set these contribution amounts, and these will be deducted from your benefit entitlement.  These contributions are called a “non-dependant deduction”. Regardless of whether your non-dependant physically does contribute to your housing costs or council tax, the deductions will be made from your entitlement.

Non-dependant deductions are based on the non-dependants' gross weekly income (pay before stoppages plus any other income including benefits). The deductions are on a sliding scale based on the income of the non-dependant.

You must let us know if there are any non-dependants living with you.

There is no deduction for any non-dependant at all, if the claimant or partner:

  • Is blind or has recently regained their sight; or
  • Receives to care component of disability living allowance; or
  • Receives attendance allowance; or
  • Receives the daily living allowance of personal independence payment; or

The non-dependant fits one of the criteria below:

  • Aged under 18 years of age
  • On work-based training for young people
  • In prison or similar forms of detention or on remand
  • A patient who has been in hospital for 52 weeks or more
  • A temporary resident or visitor or any other person whose normal home is elsewhere
  • A full-time student (you will need to provide proof of this in the form of a student certificate from their place of education)

If two non-dependants are partners:

  • We may take the higher of the deductions, which apply and don’t count the other partner (but we must add together the income of both partners if both are working).
  • By 'partners' we mean a couple who live together as if they are married.

Deductions for Non-Dependants aged 18 or over:

Please click on the links below to find out how much non-dependant deductions are:

Council Tax Non-Dependant deductions for 2022 - 2023

For each non-dependant per week


Weekly Deduction

Universal Credit


Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance (income based)


Employment Support Allowance (income related)


Pension Credit


Student in full-time education (proof must be provided)


Tenant or partner in receipt of PIP (daily living), DLA care rate or Attendance Allowance


Non-dependant Working 16 hours per week or more (gross wage)

Under £216.99

£217.00 - £376.99

£377.00 - £468.99

£469.00 and over







All other cases (including non-dependant receiving no income)



*Remunerative work is defined as paid work for 16 or more hours per week or work 16 hours or more a week in the expectation of payment (e.g.self-employment)

Housing Benefit Non-Dependant deductions for 2022 - 2023

Housing Benefit rates for people who have not reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit

April 2020

£ Weekly

April 2021

£ Weekly

Non-dependant deductions    
Aged under 25 and on Income Support (IS) or income-based Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA(IB)) or ESA(IR) which does not include an amount for the support component or work-related activity component or UC where the award is calculated on the basis that the non-dependant does not have any earned income Nil Nil
Aged 25 or over and on IS or JSA(IB), or aged 18 or over and not in remunerative work 15.85 15.95
In receipt of main phase ESA(IR) (any age) 15.85 15.95
In receipt f Pension Credit Nil Nil
Aged over 18 or over and in remunerative work:    
 - gross income: less than £149 15.85 15.95
 - gross income: £149 to £216.99 36.45 36.65
 - gross income: £217 to £282.99 50.05 50.30
 - gross income: £283 to £376.99 81.90 82.30
 - gross income: £377 to £468.99 93.25 93.70
 - gross income: £ 469 and above 102.35 102.85