Cremation Forms

Cremation Regulations 2008

The Cremation Regulations 2008 (PDF, 2.4MB) came into effect on 1 January 2009. They modernise and consolidate all previous regulations, replacing the Cremation Regulations 1930 as amended. The forms can be downloaded from the Ministry Of Justice

There are very few policy changes which require different procedures. The only significant one is that applicants now have the right to inspect the medical forms (Forms Cremation 4 and Cremation 5) before the medical referee authorises the cremation.

Where a post-mortem examination is requested by the medical referee, the applicant should, on request, be able to have a copy of the post mortem examination report.

A more minor change is that the countersignature on the application form is no longer required.

The forms also make it clear that it is a criminal offence under the Cremation Act 1902 to wilfully make a false statement in order to procure a cremation.

There are in total 13 forms, and these can all be found on the Ministry of Justice  website.

The most frequent forms that we use are listed below, these have our address, contact numbers on and if the cremation is taking place at Crownhill Crematorium these forms should be used.

Form 1 (PDF, 61KB) - Including details of disposal of cremated remains.

Doctors Form 4, 5, and Medical Referee Form 10 (PDF, 282KB)complete set of forms.

Last Updated: 30 November 2017