Tech and Artificial Intelligence in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a highly successful place to do business and has been at the forefront of growth in Tech and Artificial Intelligence in recent years.

Our city is home to the world’s largest fleet of autonomous delivery robots, and in 2019 and 2024, Milton Keynes was the host city of the European Robotics League Competition in Centre:MK.

It is no coincidence that the first multi-national agreement on the future of Artificial Intelligence – the Bletchley Declaration – was signed in our city at Bletchley Park, a site of global significance for technological revolutions. Milton Keynes had already been identified as having “clear scope to be a global destination for future waves of innovation-led growth in the application of AI.” The MK AI Report identified Milton Keynes as a UK leader in AI and outlined the city’s investment in educating the next generation of talent through MK College’s Institute of Technology and the plans for MK:U.

Milton Keynes is a leading UK city for technology. Already, one in three jobs in the city is in technology, and the City Council and its partners have ambitious plans to grow and connect the tech ecosystem in the city.

The City Council has funded Protospace, which is a not-for-profit initiative to support, connect, and grow the tech ecosystem in Milton Keynes.  

The most recent initiative with the City Council and Protospace is: The Protospace Digital Hub, a dynamic platform that showcases and promotes the city’s wide range of businesses, communities, events, and facilities that collectively form the vibrant tech and innovation ecosystem. This hub serves as a centralised resource, providing easy access to information, networking opportunities, and collaborative spaces for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and established companies alike. 

The Milton Keynes Whitecap Tech Ecosystem report offers analysis of the tech ecosystem within Milton Keynes, evaluating the current position, the scale of growth, and emerging opportunities across the city.

On 19/03/2024, Milton Keynes City Council approved the first ever 'Tech, Smart City, Digital and Creative Industries Strategy' for the City of Milton Keynes. You can download the Strategy below.