Children in need of support and protection

Work with families is delivered through the Golden Triangle model. The strength of our approach is it empowers the family to generate (whenever possible) their own solutions. 

Signs of Safety - Early identification of risk and resilience factors

We use Signs of Safety to engage our families in understanding what needs to change and to agree a plan to help move families forward, whilst building on their strengths.

Working to the highest ‘Quality First’ principles of practice

We constantly challenge our own and each other’s practice to ensure our support really makes a difference to our families.

Delivering a comprehensive Family Support Service

To meet the complex range of families’ needs, we offer wrap-around services tailored to meet the individual needs of parents, children and young people.

This service aims to support children within their families wherever possible. This includes through using Family Group Conferencing and intensive family support to find solutions for children and their families.  Support is also provided to children with disabilities and their families, including a range of short breaks and practical help at home.

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Annual report

Child Protection annual report 2021-2022

Child Protection annual report 2021-2022 (plain text)