Youth Offending Team (YOT)

The Youth Offending Team (YOT) works specifically with young people primarily aged 10 – 18, who are on Court Orders or who have received Pre-Court Disposals.  Once the order has ended there is no facility for further work to be carried out with the young person unless a new Court Order or Pre-Court Disposal is imposed.

The YOT has access to speech and language therapists for two days a week and to a CAMHS Mental Health Practitioner four days a week.  There is also access to Substance Misuse support.  Activities undertaken with clients focus on reducing re-offending, victim awareness and crime specific programmes.  A focus is also placed on ensuring all clients are in some form of appropriate employment, education or training and if not, extensive work is done through schools, colleges, training providers and Connexions to ensure that placements are secured for them.

Please, read more about our Youth Justice Plan 2023-24. This document is also available in an accessible version Youth Justice Plan 2023-24 (text only version)