Holiday Activities and Food Programme 2022

Activities and Food sessions for children, young people and their families, during the Winter school holidays.



Winter Children

How is the programme funded?

The holiday activities and food (HAF) programme provides free holiday club places to children on benefits-related free school meals, as well as other vulnerable children, giving them a chance to enjoy extra-curricular activities and healthy meals during the school holidays.

The government is investing over £200m a year to offer these children free holiday club places with healthy meals and fun activities during the Spring, Summer and Winter holidays.

What is planned for Winter 2022:

We want to offer a diverse range of sessions to meet the local interests and needs of children, young people and their families. We hope that by doing this that eligible children and young people across Milton Keynes, will be supported to

•eat more healthily over the school holidays;

•be more active during the school holidays;

•take part in engaging and enriching activities;

•be safe and not to be socially isolated;

•have greater knowledge of health and nutrition; and

•be more engaged with school and other local services.


Is your organisation able to provide activities and food during Winter 2022?

We are keen to work with organisations across Milton Keynes, and we are inviting interested organisations to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for funding to deliver activity and food sessions during 19 - 22 December, lasting 4 hours during the Winter school holidays.

In line with the Department for Education (DfE)  grant, provision needs to be targeted for those children and young people, where the family is in receipt of benefit related Free School Meals.  We would encourage organisations to view the FSM map here and consider the detail, to ensure that events are proposed in areas of need.

We also encourage organisations to consider the FAQs here which have been compiled to support you with any queries, along with the DfE guidance which can be found here Holiday activities and food programme 2022 - GOV.UK ( Please note that due to the DfE grant funding arrangements it is important that any events meet the requirements set out in their guidance, this includes the duration of sessions which need to be delivered over 4 days, with sessions running for at at least 4 hours on each of the days.

Once you are ready to make your EOI, please complete the EOI Form that can be found here.


Please note that the deadline for applications is midnight on 23 September 2022, any application received after this date will not be considered.


It is anticipated decisions regarding events for Winter will be made late October 2022.




Children Fitness


Please email us at if you have any questions.



Homework Plus Clubs Expression of Interest (EOI)

To support children and young people across Milton Keynes, we are providing access to one off set up funding for organisations to deliver Homework Plus Clubs. Each Homework Plus Club will be expected to:

  • Run for 90 minutes
  • Be available out of school hours
  • Provide support with homework, including internet access
  • Allow children and young people to socialise
  • Provide a substantial meal. No picnics! Organisations might want to work with other community groups, such as the Community Food larders, and Fair Share to achieve this.
  • Be available to all children and young people
  • Be free, or very low cost to access.

The council is offering a one off 1K set up grant to support organisations who are interested in setting up their own Homework Plus Club.

If you are interested email a single PDF version of your completed Expression of Interest (EOI) application form to 

Please save your application in the following format ‘Your organisation name’ and the words ‘Homework Plus Clubs’. This should also be included in the email “subject” field when submitting your application.

The deadline for applications has been extended to midnight on the 31 October 2022 any application received after this date will not be considered.

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