Milton Keynes Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

Who is in the MASH?

The MASH has a core team of representatives from Children’s Social Care, police, health and adult safeguarding co-located at Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes. It also has links with education, probation, housing, youth offending team and CAMHS (Child and adolescent mental health).

How does MASH work?

The MASH team receives information from professionals and members of the public raising concerns or requesting advice or support. It makes decisions on actions to be taken by:

  • Using a RAG rating (Red\Amber\Green) to determine urgency of response required
  • Sharing information securely between agencies to enable informed decision-making
  • Managers decide the most appropriate interventions for the child’s identified needs

What interventions may be offered by MASH?

  • Children and Family assessment by Children’s Social Care 
  • Early intervention support through Children and Families practice 
  • Early help assessment 
  • Advice about support services that may be available

The referrer will receive feedback about what the outcome of any MASH referral has been. If further work needs to be completed by Children’s Social Care information will be shared with them as appropriate.

What are the benefits of a MASH?

  • Faster, more co-ordinated and consistent responses to safeguarding concerns about children and families
  • An improved service for each child with greater emphasis on early intervention and better informed services provided at the right time
  • Greater ability to identify potential vulnerability, enabling more preventative action to be taken when dealing with cases before they escalate
  • Closer partnership working, clearer accountability and less duplication of effort
  • Reduction in the number of inappropriate referrals and referrals to children’s social care

How to contact the MASH



There is an option to complete an Early Help Assessment at the end of the MARF. For guidance on how to complete this please see below:

Early Help Assessment Guidance

Early Help Assessment Guidance (plain text) 

The Levels of Need document provides guidance to professionals when they encounter a child who they believe may be in need or at risk of harm:

Levels of Need 

Levels of Need (plain text)