What do I need to do if I disagree with a Council Tax decision?

You may Appeal against your Council Tax if you believe: 

  • you are not the person liable for the Council Tax. 

  • the property should be exempt from Council Tax. 

  • Milton Keynes Council has calculated your Council Tax incorrectly. 

  • You have been issued a Council Tax penalty notice incorrectly. 

Most Appeals should be submitted in writing to the Council Tax Department at the address given below within 2 months of the initial decision. 

If you are appealing against the decision to apply a penalty, this should be done directly to the Valuation Tribunal Service.  

Please state the basis on which you wish to Appeal, along with any evidence to support your Appeal. If the decision has been made due to insufficient evidence, we urge you to supply this information before submitting your Appeal. 

Your Appeal will be considered and if you do not agree with the outcome, you may then Appeal to the Valuation Tribunal within a further 2 months. Details of how to make your Appeal can be found on the Valuation Tribunal website. 

Appeals against the banding of your property should be made to the Valuation Office Agency

Please note that you must continue to pay your Council Tax charge pending the result of any Appeal. 

Council Tax contact information

Revenues Service, PO Box 5327, Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Central Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ