You can apply for a 50% discount from your council tax for a maximum of 12 months if your property is empty and substantially unfurnished, providing the property: 

  1. requires or is undergoing major repair work or structural alterations to render it habitable; or 

  1. has undergone major repair works to render it habitable or structural alteration, and less than six months have elapsed. 

The repair works must be required to render the property habitable, and the extent of those repairs will determine whether they are deemed ‘major’. 

To apply for this discount, please complete our online application form, alongside providing any supporting evidence highlighted below. 

Some works which may qualify for a discount:

• Subsidence 

• Major fire or flood damage 

• New damp roof course which results in major work  

• Major work to floorboard and joists 

• Replacement roof/ timbers 

• Re-constitution of interior of property (i.e., changing from house to flats) 

• Major extensions which involve knocking through external walls 

• Works to eradicate dry / wet rot which results in major works. 

• Major works to remove woodworm 

Work that does not qualify for a discount:

A property refurbishment that does not involve structural alterations or major repair works as defined above, will not qualify for this discount. Many vacant properties have repair work carried out prior to a new occupier moving in.  

This discount is not intended to cover situations where a property has outdated features, fittings, and fixtures. Replacement, refurbishment or modernisation of e.g. kitchen, bathrooms, toilets; installation of replacement windows; central heating, rewiring, and plastering would not lead to a reduction because these are not considered to be major repairs.  

The absence of a kitchen, bathroom or connection of services does not qualify for a discount because this is not classed as major. The total cost of the works is not a determining factor as to whether you will be granted a discount for the work.  

Evidence of works required, underway or recently completed

Please ensure the application is completed in full and submitted with the schedule of works and surveyor's report (if applicable) along with any supporting evidence (such as photos, receipts, and invoices). If you do not upload the evidence, it may delay your application. 

In some cases, it may be necessary for Milton Keynes City Council to visit the property to verify the extent of the work being complete.