Cultural events advice

If you're considering running an event in Milton Keynes, you will need to be aware of the various policies and permissions required.

Running an event - licensing and permission

To run an event in Milton Keynes, you need to be aware of event safety and meet all the licensing, permissions, risk assessments and insurances required.

The council is responsible for all events on public land, but many parts of Milton Keynes are in private ownership such as the Parks Trust venues, shopping centres or within the business district. If you are considering any event, you should contact the appropriate landowner.

You can also get advice from our team by emailing us.

Remember that planning an event can take many months depending on the location, its size and the planned audience, so please give us as much time as possible to advise you.

Busking and street entertainment

We are currently reviewing our busking policy and approved busking locations. This will be completed by late Sept/early Oct 2023. Until this work is completed Milton Keynes City Council do not endorse or approve any historically authorised busking sites in Milton Keynes including those illustrated on the previously published Busking Map, 2016.

Filming and photography

To film or undertake photography on land owned by MK City Council or MK Parks Trust you must adhere to the permissions systems in place.

You might also be interested to read our filming location guidance.

Street art

Milton Keynes City Council supports street art as a creative and attractive addition to the urban scene provided that the relevant criteria are met within the street art policy. Conversely, we will do everything reasonably possible to eliminate graffiti.

Read the Street Art and Graffiti Policy here.

Culture Team contact information

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