Variations - Apply online

Unfortunately there is a payment issue for application fees with the system at present.  If you submit an application through this portal please call us and we will contact you for payment separately 01908 252800.  We are sorry about this and are trying and resolve the matter.


Full Variation

Apply to Vary your Premise Licence or Club Premises Certificate

Premises Licence and Club Premises Certificate Variation application Notice (PDF, 26KB)

(N.B Notices are for A3 paper size and must be blue)

Guidance documents:

Guidance for premises licence applicants

Advertising applications (PDF, 86KB)

Fee table


Minor Variation

Apply for a Minor Variation of a Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate

Minor Variation Notice (PDF, 27KB)

(N.B. Notices are for A3 paper size and must be white)

Guidance for minor variation applicants (PDF, 78KB) 

Fee table