Building regulations


Not all building work needs building regulations approval, for a list of exempt buildings click the below link:

Making an application

There are two ways to make an application for new projects, depending on the type of work, e.g. a Building Notice or a Full Plans Submission. For guidance on making an application the below links will be helpful.

Building control fees and charges

Information on fees and charges can be found at:

Accessing building control records

You can find out how to access Building Control Records at the following link:

Does your project require a Building Regulations Application? 

Below is our quick checklist to determine if your common home improvement project requires approval

House extension

Yes, but certain porches, carports, conservatories and detached garages are exempt from building regulations. Remember planning permission may also be required. Contact your building control surveyor for more advice.

See further information:


Conservatories are normally exempt from building regulations for more information see our building regulations conservatories page.

Installation of Solar PV Panels to my roof

Yes, however if your installer is registered with a Microgeneration Competent Person Scheme, such as NAPIT and ELECSA, then an application to Building Control is not required. There is further information available about Solar panel installation in your homeowner guide (PDF, 45KB)

If the installer is not registered with a Competent Person Scheme, you can submit an application, with a fee for £135, to Building Control for approval. This assumes the electrical work will be self-certificated by your installer under Part P of the Building Regulations. If this is not the case, the fee will be £231.00 including VAT, to allow us to check the work.

You must notify us of work commencing so we can arrange an inspection. If the work complies, we will issue a Completion Certificate, which may be necessary when selling your property

Conversion of the loft space

Yes, and we recommend you seek professional advice before starting work. LABC have useful videos on Loft Conversions

Internal alterations to my house

Yes, if any form of structural alteration is intended. An application is also required for proposals to alter or provide new drainage or alterations affecting means of escape.

There is an LABC video on internal alterations to the layout or structure of your home

Replace the windows in my house

Yes, unless your installer is registered with a Competent Person Scheme such as FENSA and able to self-certificate under the Building Regulations. However, if your building is listed or in a conservation area, you should check whether planning permission is required.

Repair work to my house

Generally, no, unless there are proposals to add or alter drainage. Please contact us if you are in any doubt.

Re-tile my roof, refelt a flat roof and/or renew the cladding of a dormer

Yes, anyone doing re-roofing has to apply for approval. For more information please see our re-roofing guidance (PDF, 4.7MB)A guide to Building regs - Reroofing (PDF, 45KB)

Alternatively, you may also use a roofer who is registered with the self-certification scheme.

Renovate the walls, floors and ceilings of a house

Yes, where the area of the renovation is extensive the thermal performance of the element (wall, floor or roof) will need to be considered and potentially upgraded. Please contact us.

Converting a house into flats

Yes, and we recommend you seek professional advice before starting work. 

Conversion of attached garage

Yes, the conversion of an attached garage* into living accommodation is controlled under the Building Regulations and requires a formal application to be submitted before the work commences.

*and/or a detached garage if the internal floor area is over 30 square metres in size and/or it has sleeping accommodation in it

Technical guidance note - garage conversions 

Erecting a detached garage

Yes, unless it meets the following criteria;

(a) The internal floor area is less than 15sqm, or (b) The internal floor area is less than 30sqm and either the garage is situated at least 1m from all boundaries or constructed substantially from non-combustible materials.

See further information on domestic exempt buildings (PDF, 178KB).

Install or modify electrical wiring

Yes, any electrical work should be carried out in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations for more details read our Electrical safety guide (PDF, 56KB). Some minor works, such as the replacement of socket outlets, are not notifiable. Any notifiable works should be carried out either by an electrician who is a member of a competent persons scheme relevant to the type of work being undertaken and therefore able to self certify the work or by submitting a Building Regulations application before carrying out the work. 

Read more about Competent Persons Schemes and a guide on Electrical Safety.

Insert cavity wall insulation

Yes, however, if your supplier is registered with the Cavity Wall Insulation Self Certification Scheme, an application to MK Building Control is not required.

Install or replace a boiler or hot water cylinder

Yes, unless your installer is registered with the appropriate Competent Person Scheme, Gas Safe. Then Gas Safe will issue you with a Compliance Certificate and notify us electronically that the work is approved.

Building regulation standards

The government sets the exact and cover all aspects of construction, from foundations, structural stability, fire safety (including means of escape in case of fire), to ventilation, energy conservation and the installation of services, such as sanitary accommodation and heating boilers. The standards also ensure the provision of adequate access in to, and ease of use of buildings.

There are many guidance documents provided by the government that may be purchased at government bookshops or ordered from most major bookstores and may be viewed at the building control office. Alternatively, they can be downloaded from the Government website.

Further help on finding out how building regulations or planning permission affect you can be found by using the Planning Portal's 'Interactive house’

Building Control

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