FAQs - Licensed vehicles

What information must ALWAYS be correct and valid?

As the licenced driver of the licensed vehicle you have the responsibility to inform the council when circumstances change, these include:

  • When you are not using the vehicle for licensed purposes (taxi work) you must obtain a suspension notice, this is removed upon your return
  • When your vehicle is SORN 
  • Insurance company have written the vehicle off
  • Report to the Council when you have had an accident (within 72 hours)
  • Report any damage to the vehicle however minor 
  • Sold to another licensed driver
  • When you leave the country
  • Not using the vehicle for licenced purposes (taxi work)
  • Ownership of the vehicle changes
  • If the driver of the vehicle changes
  • Insurance
  • Who your operator is (who gives you work)
  • Registered keeper of the licensed vehicle

You can update your information using our email or attending our office at Bleak Hall. Please note that any changes should be done in writing.

Booking your annual and midyear test and missed appointment fee

If you require the yearly (annual) test this can be booked in up to 1 calendar month before expiry, please allow 3 working days before expiry for us to produce and make the licence (including the plate). Both the yearly and mid-year test takes 45 minutes.

Example:  if your plate expires on 30 June 2018, you can attend from 31 May 2018

  • If you need a mid-year (6 month) test, we will be making the appointment (6 months in advance) when you collect your vehicle licence after the annual test.
  • Payment for this will also be taken at this time.
  • You can attend 1 calendar month before the 6 month test is due. As the external plate (licence) has already been made and in your possession you can attend on the day the test is due.

A £60 missed appointment fee is payable without 48 hours notice.

Download the application forms:

My private hire or Hackney carriage taxi vehicle has failed the test. What do I do next?

  • Once your vehicle has been repaired please call to book in your vehicle for a retest, these are 15 minute appointments and can be chargeable, this is dependent on what needs to be checked.

I have missed my vehicle licensing appointment. Is there a fee payable?

  • Yes, if you have not attended your appointment for licensing your vehicle and did not call to advise us that you were unable to attend, there is a fee of £60 to be paid.
  • This will be added to your next booking.
  • However, if you had circumstances out of your control then please advise us and we will be happy to discuss this.

When will my vehicle license plate be ready?

  • As soon as your application has been completed and passed the inspection, we will endeavour to produce your vehicle licence and plate within 2-3 working days.
  • This is in line with our customer charter.
  • We will call or email you when your plate is ready.

I have lost, or had my vehicle licence plate stolen. What should I do?

  • You must attend the office and complete a form advising us of this and make a payment of £20 for the replacement plate, (magnets are extra).
  • This will be done as soon as reasonably possible.

I have lost the paper part of my driving or vehicle licence, my insurance company need a copy of it. How do I get another copy?

  • We can provide a duplicate copy for a fee of £8, we may not be able to facilitate it immediately, but will do it as soon as reasonably possible.
  • We will notify you as soon as it is ready.

I have been involved in an accident. Do I have to advise Taxi Licensing?

  • Yes, because the vehicle is licensed as a taxi by Milton Keynes Council, part of your licence conditions state you MUST notify us of any incident, no matter how minor within 72 hours, this is the law.
  • You must drive the vehicle to our Bleak Hall office to allow one of our enforcement team to inspect the damage and take photographic evidence.
  • If your vehicle is not driveable then you need to take your own photographic evidence, ensuring that you include the taxi licence plate and number plate which will enable us to identify your vehicle and email this to us.


  • Should your vehicle be suspended then the enforcement team will issue you with a suspension notice.
  • Once your vehicle has been repaired and back on the road you MUST bring the vehicle back to Taxi Licensing office for another inspection to unsuspend your vehicle.
  • You can attend during 9am until 4pm with no appointment necessary.
  • The enforcement officer will retain your external plate whilst your vehicle is being repaired and return it to you once it has been unsuspended.
  • If your vehicle missed its annual 6-month test you must do this before the plate is returned to you.

My vehicle has been written off by the insurance company or I need to scrap my vehicle. Should I tell Taxi Licensing about this?

Yes, you must inform taxi licensing as soon as possible and return the external licence plate. If your vehicle has been written off by the insurance company we would consider a vehicle that is Category C, D, N or S. Below is a list of the write off categories:

Write-off categories

What you do next depends on which category your vehicle is in:


  • The vehicle can't be repaired.
  • The entire vehicle must be crushed.


  • The vehicle can't be repaired.
  • Body shell must be crushed, but you can salvage other parts from it.


  • the vehicle can be repaired, but it would cost more than the vehicle's worth.
  • You can use the vehicle again if it's repaired to a roadworthy condition.


  • The vehicle can be repaired and would cost less than the vehicle's worth, but other costs (such as transporting your vehicle) take it over the vehicle's value.
  • You can use the vehicle again if it's repaired to a roadworthy condition.


  • The vehicle can be repaired following non-structural damage.
  • You can use the vehicle again if it's repaired to a roadworthy condition.


  • the vehicle can be repaired following structural damage.
  • You can use the vehicle again if it's repaired to a roadworthy condition.

I want to sell my Private Hire or Hackney Carriage car to another taxi driver. What do I need to do?

  • It is possible to change ownership of a vehicle.
  • You need to put the exchange in writing (stating that you have sold the vehicle to the new owner) and then the new owner attends our office at Bleak Hall, with that document, Insurance, V5 new keeper part and external plate.
  • Please attend the office at Bleak Hall between 9am and 4pm any weekday, there is a fee payable at time of transfer and no appointment necessary.

Can I transfer my vehicle license plate onto another licensed vehicle and put the remaining time left onto the new vehicle?

Private Hire Vehicles

  • We no longer transfer vehicle plates.
  • Your new vehicle will be issued a new plate number.
  • If you have any remaining time we are able to return the enforcement fees which will be deducted for each full calendar month from the new vehicle licence.
  • If you are not having a new vehicle replacing the existing vehicle and would like to be considered for a refund, this can only be done in writing. Please email taxi@milton-keynes.gov.uk

Hackney Carriage Vehicles

  • Although the process is the same as private hire vehicles, transfers for Hackney Carriages will retain their existing plate number; this is because we have limited the number of licensed hackney carriages at this time.
  • Hackneys will have a new 12-month licence from the day that their new vehicle passes the inspection and consideration may be given for a refund of enforcement fees for any remaining full calendar months.

I want to replace my existing licensed vehicle. What is the age limit for new cars?

Any new vehicle to be licensed with by us, cannot be older than 6 years from 1st date of registration. Please see guidance for approved vehicles, there are 2 sub sections:

  • Private hire and hackney saloons approved vehicles
  • Hackney carriage approved list

The vehicle I want to buy is not on the approved list?

  • If you do not see the vehicle you want to use on the list, this is not to say that it will not be licensed, but that we have not licensed that particular vehicle previously.
  • We need to see the vehicle at the taxi licensing office so that we can determine if it meets the specifications.
  • The specification can be found in our online policy. 

I drive a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). Do I have to complete a relevant driving test?

  • Yes, applicants who intend to drive a licensed WAV must pass the relevant taxi driving test that is specifically for taxi drivers.
  • The council expects that all proprietors of a licensed WAV to ensure that is driven by a suitably trained driver.

I need to replace my wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). Can I have a side loading vehicle?

  • Yes, the vehicle must be a WAV, it can be either side or rear loading.

I currently work for an operator licensed in Milton Keynes. Can I work for another operator at the same time?

  • Yes, as a licensed taxi driver you are able to work for as many operators as you want. You must notify the council (taxi licensing) who you are working at all times.

I am going on holiday and will be away for several months. Do I need to tell taxi licensing?

  • Yes, bring your vehicle’s external licence plate to Milton Keynes Council Taxi Licensing and we will retain the plate until your return.
  • You will be issued a suspension notice, this means your vehicle is no longer a licensed vehicle.
  • Upon your return your vehicle will be unsuspended, if your vehicle does not require an inspection and has valid insurance you may collect your plate.
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