Personal Licence

Please note that applications for a new Personal Licence cannot be submitted online and must be posted to: Milton Keynes City Council, Licensing, Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, MK9 3EJ

Licensing Act requirement

It is a requirement of the Licensing Act 2003, section 127, that the holder of a personal licence must notify the relevant licensing authority of any change of name or address as stated in the personal licence, as soon as reasonably practicable. The personal licence should accompany the change of name or address form. The fee is £10.50.

On the April 1 2015, the Government passed legislation removing the requirement to renew personal licences.

Personal licence holders will not be required to apply to renew their licences after this date. Any personal licence issued before this date will still have an expiry date on it, the date is no longer considered relevant. Though unnecessary, if you wish to have your licence amended to remove the expiry date you will need to write to the Licensing Authority, returning your licence and include a £10.50 fee.

Further information and forms

Table of Fees (PDF, 34KB)

Personal Licence Application & Disclosure of Convictions Form (PDF, 464KB)

Guidance for Personal Licence applicants (PDF, 91KB) 

Change of name or address for Personal Licence (PDF, 27KB)

Surrender of Personal Licence (PDF, 22KB)

Copy of Personal Licence (PDF, 35KB)

If your Licence becomes lost or is stolen, please contact the Councils Licensing Team as soon as possible, providing your name and contact details