An open-source tool for mapping and planning heating and cooling systems.

Hotmaps is a four-year European funded project with sixteen partners including Milton Keynes Council.

The Hotmaps project consortium is developing a tool to support public authorities, energy agencies and planners in choosing the best option for low carbon technologies.

The mapping tool is being designed to assist with planning by providing layers of GIS information on climate, current land use, number and characteristics of existing buildings, population and available resources for renewable energy. This data will provide a quick assessment for the potential of district heat and power systems as well as identifying sites for turbines and solar photovoltaic parks.

The Hotmap tool will calculate energy requirements of an area and a range of information to inform energy planning options. Detail down to a 250m2 x 250m2 will be available for land in all the 28 members of the European Community.

April 2020 update

Training was arranged for early April in Milton Keynes. If you registered, you will already be aware that the training is going ahead online at the end of April and early May.

The training is fully booked but you can find out more about the tool with the short videos through links on the Hotmaps website.

TheĀ open-source heating / cooling mapping and planning toolbox provides default data for EU28 at local level and calculation modules for public authorities to identify, analyse, model and map resources and solutions. It allows you to design strategies to supply energy needs within your territory of responsibility in a resource and cost-efficient way. Visit the Hotmaps website at to find more information about the toolbox and how to access it. There is a link below for the Hotmaps Brochure, which will help you understand how Hotmaps supports strategic heating planning.

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