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The project ambitions

The Intensify project will reduce carbon emissions from all sectors by providing communities with the tools and methods required to make significant changes.

This project addresses a key challenge for European cities and regions: how to empower citizens and communities to achieve more carbon reduction.

The EU regions and municipalities are committed by international treaty to achieve ambitious carbon reduction targets. Public authorities cannot do this alone for four main reasons:

  • Local Authorities directly control only a small percentage of emissions
  • The EU targets are ambitious and require citizens to choose to make significant behaviour change.
  • Policies are created by politicians incorporating the will of the people. The pressure to make changes is citizen led.
  • Coordinated action can provide opportunities for innovative financing and building consensus can create major changes.

Citizens and communities will be supported by their public authorities making improvements to regional policies. Policies reform will determine what the city communities would like to see and what they need to make carbon reduction actions that make a difference.

With public authorities and communities working together to build consensus on carbon reduction goals, the necessary benefits to the environment can be achieved.

The project

  • The Intensify project started in April 2018 and will run until 2023.
  • More information can be found at the Intensify website.
  • Intensify is funded by the Interreg IVC EU programme.
  • Total combined Interreg IVC EU funding for all partners is 2.1 million Euros of which Milton Keynes is eligible to receive 212,000 Euros.

The 2019 – 2050 Sustainability Strategy contains the key actions required to meet zero carbon emissions in Milton Keynes.

Latest News


The 2021 MK Sustainability Conference

In November 2021 the INTENSIFY project partners organised a regional conference to coincide with the COP26 event in Glasgow. The MK Conference shared ideas on the INTENSIFY Regional Action Plans of Milton Keynes and project partner Treviso.

The MK Conference was opened by the Mayor and the keynote speaker was the political leader of the Council. We also heard from 14 local low carbon experts and delivery partners. 

Further information can be found at (Milton Keynes Low Carbon Conference at Saxon Court on November 10th, 2021 (

For more information contact the Sustainability team by email to