Milton Keynes Public Transport Passenger Charter

We review and refresh this Charter every year

Valid until October 2022


Milton Keynes Public Transport Passenger Charter


This charter was written and signed by the following Local Transport Authorities and Bus Operators: Milton Keyes Council Passenger Transport, Arriva, Vale Travel, Z&S Transport, Red Rose Travel, Stagecoach, Uno, Grant Palmer and other operators in Milton Keynes area.


This Passenger’s Charter sets out our commitment to deliver a safe, reliable and high-quality bus provision in Milton Keynes. It identifies the minimum standards you should expect from our service. It also explains what to do if things go wrong and how you can get in touch with your ideas and comments.


What to expect: planning your journey


  1. Vehicle availability
  • Bus operators have a fleet that is appropriate to the needs of all the routes operated
  • Bus network is designed to provide quick, convenient and direct route from residential areas to and between key destinations.
  • The ambition is for key and core routes to be high frequency turn up and go services of 15 minutes or less between buses. Key and core routes are defined in Bus Service Improvement Plan and agreed by the network group, which forms a part of Enhanced Parentship. 
  • Lower density areas (where no commercial bus routes exist) are served by demand responsive transport.
  • New developments are required to provide bus routing and infrastructure but will initially be served by demand responsive solution such as MK Connect.
  1. Information
  • Up to date information is available at every bus stop, detailing all buses serving that stop.
  • Timetables published by Milton Keynes Council are displayed at all bus stops.  
  • Comprehensive information is available online, under one Transport website. This contains clear information on accessing public transport as well as other transport modes.
  • Timetable changes are minimised – 3 to 6 dates per annum will be agreed by the Enhanced Partnership for timetable changes, ensuring operator do not have to wait more than 3 months for a change, but supporting consistent and accurate data for the passengers. These dates will be reviewed and published annually.
  1. Ticketing
  • Tickets are available that offer travel across multiple operators.
  • Tickets can be purchased in advance or directly from the driver. MK Move card, contactless credit or debit cards and cash can be used as payment.
  • Concessionary fares are available to elderly, disabled and young passengers.
  • Information about all available fares and ticketing products is available through the central transport website GetAroundMK
  • When fare changes are introduced, the information regarding those will be displayed in good time and published on all sources of information including bus stops, Council and Operator websites.
  1. Punctuality
  • All efforts are made to keep bus services punctual by meeting the times advertised.
  • Non – frequent buses (fewer than 6 buses per hour), should usually depart no more than 1 minute before or 5 minutes after the advertised time, as per Department for Transport guidelines.
  • In the event of significant delays, passengers will be kept informed via shelter displays, driver updates or online sources.


What to expect: on your journey


  1. Mobility Hubs, Bus stations and Shelters
  • Every effort is made to provide shelters in well-used locations. Where shelters are installed, they are easy to locate, properly maintained with adequate lighting and coverage from weather conditions. Any damage to the shelters will be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Seating is available in bus shelters where there is space to provide it.
  • Where possible, solar panels and planted roofs are installed on shelters.
  • All sheltered and non-sheltered bus stops have accurate and easily accessible timetables installed, including provision for partially sighted and hard of hearing at frequently used stops. This includes, were possible, installation of electronic displays with the ability to inform passengers about delays, unscheduled changes and breakdowns. (E-inks and RTPI displays)
  • In critical locations Transport Hubs may support integration of transport schemes such as local bus, train, car clubs, ebikes and scooters. 
  1. Buses
  • Buses are comfortable and safe.
  • Buses have interior and exterior CCTV to provide safe and secure environment for both passengers and bus company safety. Where CCTV is not currently available, operators will seek to introduce it at first opportunity.
  • Buses are cleaned internally and externally regularly.
  • Buses are heated and ventilated.
  • Wi-fi and USB charging is available as standard on all new buses introduced to MK.
  • Buses are easy to identify, and clear destination information is displayed.
  1. Drivers
  • Drivers are courteous, professional and speak and understand English. They are easily identifiable and present a good company image by wearing a company uniform.
  • Drivers are adequately trained - the 2023 update of the charter will provide more information regarding training by the operators, as this is currently being explored in more detail. 
  • Drivers understand the needs of passengers who may require a little more time to get on and off the vehicle.
  • Drivers drive carefully, considering the welfare of passengers and other road users.
  1. Accessibility
  • All Public Service Vehicles running in MK meet the legal requirements for accessibility.
  • Drivers are trained to be sensitive to the needs of elderly passengers, pregnant women, parents and carers with children as well as those with visible or hidden disabilities.
  • All frontline staff receive Disability Awareness training.
  • Buses are suitably designed and have all equipment necessary to ensure safe access by passengers in wheelchairs or those who have mobility problems.
  • Audio visual information is preferred on board and funding opportunities are being sought to make this available network wide.
  • Priority seating is available on each bus.
  1. Bus network improvement
  • We are committed to providing more zero-emission buses in line with Milton Keynes Council’s commitment to be Carbon Neutral by 2030.
  • We are working towards making buses faster and more reliable in order to make them viable alternative to car for more people.
  • Measures that are being explored to help achieve this: traffic signal priority, more bus lanes, bus gates, clear and consistent signage for traffic and bus users, speeding up of vehicle loading and unloading.


What to expect: passenger behaviour


  1. Passenger are expected to:
  • travel with a valid ticket
  • to be respectful to other passengers and bus staff
  • give up their seat to somebody who needs it more if sat in the priority seating area.
  • not to board under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • not to consume food or drink while traveling on the bus
  • not to wilfully damage or misuse seats or fittings
  • not to smoke while on board a bus or in shelters (including e-cigarettes)
  • to allow passengers to disembark before attempting to board
  • to report equipment or drivers who do not meet above standards
  • to report drivers that do not exhibit a professional or safe driving standards
  • behave in line with each operators’ terms of carriage, usually available on the website.


How to get in touch



Travel, journey planning and ticketing advice – including information about MK Move and MK Connect, can be found at GetAroundMK website.

Detailed information about each operator can be found on their websites, listed here.



For a general public transport enquiry, you can contact Milton Keynes Council on 01908691691.

Queries related to operators, their vehicles and drivers should be directed straight to the operators. Contact details for each operator can be found below.


Social media

You can contact us anytime via our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Operator contact details


03448 004 411

Vale Travel

01296 484348

Red Rose Travel

01296 747926


Grant Palmer

01525 719719



Z&S Transport

01296 415 468

Britannia Bus

08445 000 131


01707 255 746



When things go wrong

Issues and complaints related to operators, their busses and drivers, should be raised with them directly using the contact details provided above.

If you wish to complain to Milton Keynes Council directly you can do so by visiting our website.






For your information: This Charter does not create new legal rights, nor does it affect your rights under Conditions of Carriage for Transport Operators. Please see here to find out more.