Apply for a dropped kerb/vehicle crossing

Please check our criteria and guidance notes before submitting your application. If your application is refused based on our criteria, the application fee will not be refunded.  

A vehicle crossover is the legal way of accessing your property over the highway using a dropped kerb. A vehicle crossing is where the footway or verge is strengthened and the kerb lowered to vehicles can move between the property and the road.

You must get permission from the Council's highways team before you carry out any works and it is an offence under the Highways Act 1980 to carry out any works on public roads, redways or footways without our permission. It is also illegal to drive across a footway or verge on the highway to access a property. 

Verges and footways are not designed or built to be used frequently by vehicles driving over them and you could cause significant damage to the surface or utilities beneath. If you need to increase the access to your property by driving over the highway e.g. the verge or a footway, you'll need to apply to us for a licence for a Vehicle Crossing by completing an application form.

Read our Vehicle Crossing Guidance Notes

There will be an application fee for this licence which must be paid in full before a site visit and assessment can take place. Please note that this fee is non-refundable so check the criteria carefully before submitting an application.

The cost of an application is £232 (Residential Application) and £978 Commercial, Industrial or Agricultural Application. Once you have submitted the Application Form to us we will contact you on the contact number on the form to take payment by either a credit or debit card. Please do not post a cheque or cash to us as we cannot accept this as payment. 

If you decide to use our own contractor to do the works, you will receive a quote for the works including any licence fees, and this will need to be paid in full before any construction can start. 

Should you prefer to arrange your own contractor to do the works, you must apply for a Private Opening Licence and further licence application and inspections fees will be applicable. These fees are £232 for Residential and £978 for Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural plus £50 per inspection. You will need at least two inspections and a final inspection costing £94.81.

Any remedial defects picked up after inspections will need to be carried out at your own cost and will incur other charges including an inspection charge of £50 to check the works have been completed and possible further licence fees.  

To find out more, read our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the Highways Team on 01908 252353 or email

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