Builders skips on the highway

Read our Terms and Conditions on placing a Builders Skip on the Highway

Who should apply?

If you are planning to place a skip or skip bag on the road outside your property you will need permission first. This is a legal requirement under the Highways Act 1980

You must:

  • Check that your skip operator has a current Waste Carriers Licence. You can check if they do on the  Environment Agency website .
  • Do not let any waste carrier remove your waste until they have given you proof of registration and ask to see the Waste Carriers Licence.

Before a licence can be issued:

  • The skip operator applying for a licence must show us adequate, valid insurance liability cover of at least £5 million before a licence will be issued for a skip to be placed on a public highway.
  • They must also hold a current Waste Transfer Licence. You can check if they do on the Government website,

You do not have to use any of these companies when hiring a skip but it may cause additional delays to the application process as we will need to receive and check their insurance and waste disposal documents.

How to apply

Please allow 7 days for the licence application to be processed by us. Under UK law, you may not place a skip on the highway without a valid licence. We will request any skip on the highway without a licence to be removed immediately and you will have to pay a charge of £248.19.

2023/24 Fees

  • Skip Licence (for 7 days) £62
  • Skip Licence Extension (7 days on original licence) £36

Where you can place your skip

Skips may not be placed on yellow lines or verges and must be covered.

For safety, you may also need lights, traffic management or barriers.

If you need to place it in a parking bay/s you will need to notify the Parking Team at least 10-days in advance that you wish to have the parking bay suspended and you will need to complete a suspension form. Contact them on 01908 252309 or email

Please note: the licence will not be issued until the Parking Team have received notification of the suspension.

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