Directional signs and street name plates

Report an issue with a road sign

All signs on the highway are regulated by the Department for Transport and are authorised by MK City Council as the Highways Authority for Milton Keynes Borough. Any illegal signs or advertising banners will be removed for safety reasons. This also includes vehicles deliberately parked on the highway to advertise to passing traffic. 

Under the Highway Act 1980, it is an offence to place goods or signs on the highways which cause an obstruction or include commercial advertising. Any advertising will require planning consent too.

If you are responsible for placing unauthorised signs or items on the highways, you may be liable for legal action against you should there be an accident or damage caused by the items you've placed without permission on the highway. This includes any damage to our assets that you may have placed your items on.

If you see any illegal signs on the highway, please let us know by emailing our Highways team.

To report a damaged, missing or faded sign use the Report It section

Directional Signs

These are the large green or white signs on the road network directing road users to the M1, A5 and other key routes. 

Street Name Plates

These are the small signs with a road name or house numbers on in residential areas. These help emergency services and delivery drivers locate a property.  We prioritise any completely missing or fully faded signs first if there is budget available to do repairs or replacements.

The full list of street name plates to be repaired or replaced in 2023/2024 can be viewed here.

List of completed street name plate replacements.

Report an issue with a sign or bollard

If a damaged sign or bollard is causing a potential threat to public safety e.g. exposed wires or blocking the public highway, contact us straight away on:

01908 252353 during office hours (Monday to Friday 9am - 5:15pm)

01908 226699 evenings, Bank Holidays and weekends

Please only use the above to report an emergency. For non-emergencies, you can report a problem with a sign or bollard to us including:

  • Signs covered by tree branches, bushes or other vegetation
  • Dirty signs that are not clear to read
  • Damaged and broken signs
  • Illuminated signs that are no longer lit
  • Broken, damaged or missing bollards including yellow Redway bollards.