Hire Child Bollards for Road Safety (MK Schools only)

Please note - we will only accept requests for the bollard hire from a current member of the school faculty. Parents and carers may not request the bollards on behalf of the school but should get in touch with the headteacher or road safety contact at the school to express their interest in hiring the bollards.

Schools in the Milton Keynes Borough may borrow child bollards from the Road Safety Team for up to one month to raise awareness of parking considerately and safely outside schools.

You may make additional requests to borrow the bollards at other times of the year but this will be subject to availability and we would suggest if they are required on several occasions, you may wish to consider purchasing your own.

The bollards are in the shape of cartoon children in a variety of school uniforms with the MKCC logo on them. They can be placed at key locations on the pavement and verges to make drivers more aware when driving and parking near a school.

There are up to 15 different child designs and any batch loaned to a school will include a mix of 5 of these bollards. You can view all 15 designs of bollard here

The Highways team will drop off and pick up the bollards from the school at the start and end of the agreement period. There is no charge to hire these bollards however if you wish to purchase your own for the school, you can do this through the Road Safety Team

For MK Schools:

To request your bollards for a month, please email highways.liaison@milton-keynes.gov.uk including contact information for the person responsible for the bollards and your preferred loan period (one month maximum).

Read our letter to schools on 'Child Bollard Hire'