Housing Consultations

Consulting you on rent and service charges

We need to change the way we recover costs from tenants and leaseholders so we can continue to provide high quality services. We are aiming to provide improved information, ensuring what we do and how we charge for services is clear and transparent, and making sure the timing of our charges is efficient and useful.

Tenants and leaseholders group

We understand that there will be many different views and we want to listen to all of them. We want to set up a working group of around 70 tenants and leaseholders who will be asked to help us make decisions about:

  • Your views on services we are currently providing to our residents
  • How service charges are determined and accounted for
  • When we should start to charge people
  • How we move from fixed to variable service charges
  • How to deliver high quality standards of service and provide good value for our tenants and leaseholders

Updates on consultation group, your observations and our replies 

Thank you to those who have volunteered to be part of the working group.  We will be in touch with you in January with more details. There is still time to join the working group. For more details, click the relevant consultation below. (Last update on 25th April 2023)