Children’s reading can “dip” during the summer holidays. The Reading Agency’s annual Summer Reading Challenge helps by getting over 700,000 children regularly into libraries over the summer. In Milton Keynes we had nearly 3,000 children join the challenge in 2022 to maintain their reading skills and confidence during the summer break. 

    Because everything changes when we read.

    We want as many children as possible to read or have help reading six library books over the summer holidays to complete the challenge.

    Last summer we were excited to introduce Gadgeteers, Summer Reading Challenge 2022, a celebration of science and innovation, in partnership with the Science Museum Group. The 2022 challenge was designed to spark children's curiosity about the world around them. Along the way there were stickers and treats to collect and when the challenge was completed, the children received a certificate and medal.

    The Summer Reading Challenge is FREE to join and simple to sign up for at any of the Milton Keynes Libraries during staffed hours. The challenge begins in July each year and ends in early September.

    With thousands of great books waiting to be read at the local library there is no excuse for boredom during the long summer break.

    Milton Keynes City Council Libraries contact information

    Milton Keynes Central Library, 555 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 3HL