Information about how we manage personal information within the Milton Keynes @City Council libraries.

This privacy notice operates alongside the Milton Keynes City Council privacy statement. If you have any queries about the library privacy notice, please contact us.

Online and direct communication

Any personal information provided to the Milton Keynes libraries will be held only for as long as it is needed to process and complete your request. This includes information provided through online forms, the website, feedback, emails and paper-based contact.

Promotion and publicity

When you send us any information about your event, activity or service and ask us to advertise it, that information will be considered ‘legitimate interest’ data and will be used for promotional/publicity purposes only.

External information

Sometimes we receive photos/information from organisations (like Friends groups or clubs) to use on social media, the website or promotional material. We always try to ensure that any data we receive has the consent of any individuals involved.


Any information provided by you in your application form will be held in the strictest confidence and will be deleted if your application is unsuccessful or when you stop volunteering with us.


When you sign up for library services, we will only collect the information we need to enable you to use the service you require. Sometimes we need your consent and we'll ask you to fill in a consent form (for example, if we take a photo of you for social media).

You can ask at any library for a consent form, download a copy of the consent form (PDF, 146KB) or provide consent using the online form. Photos can be emailed to the library web team but remember that the maximum size for the total attachments is 10mb.

Data will be deleted as it becomes outdated or upon request. Please note that any data already released into the public domain may be available elsewhere but records within the Milton Keynes City Council system will be deleted.

Library management system (Spydus)

Once you join the library you can manage your library account through the library management system (Spydus). Information is kept on the system to enable the management of your library account and use of library services. This information is held and used in accordance with the privacy statement displayed on Spydus.

SELMS consortium (Spydus)

The Milton Keynes City Council libraries are part of the SELMS consortium. Your borrower record will be held on a shared database but your details will only be available to staff in another authority if you choose to borrow or reserve items from that authority.

All personal data is held strictly in accordance with the requirements of current data protection legislation. If you would like more information please see the privacy policy.

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