Library policies and guidelines

Please note that electric scooters are not allowed in any of our buildings.


A copy of the byelaws are available upon request. Please email


Any system which uses internet browser cookies to hold information about the user must first have permission to create and keep the cookies.

When you next log in to the library system with your library card number and PIN, you'll be prompted to accept or reject the use of cookies. 

If you accept the use of cookies, your login will carry on as normal and you'll be able to access all of your information.

If you reject the use of cookies, you'll be returned to the login screen. 

Rejecting the use of cookies means you will not be able to

  • see details of the items you have on loan
  • renew library items online
  • view reservations you've already placed
  • update your personal details 

You will still be able to use other parts of the library system which do not require the use of cookies including:

  • placing reservations
  • adding reviews
  • placing requests

You'll need to enter your login details to be able to do these things.


If you initially rejected the use of cookies, you can always log in again and accept them to access all of your information as before.

Photo and media consent

When you sign up for library services, we will only collect the information we need to enable you to use the service you require. Sometimes we need your consent and we'll ask you to fill in a consent form (for example, if we take a photo of you for social media).

You can ask at any library for a consent form, download a copy of the consent formdownload a copy of the group consent form or provide consent using the online form. Photos can be emailed to the library web team but remember that the maximum size for the total attachments is 10mb.

Data will be deleted as it becomes outdated or upon request. Please note that any data already released into the public domain may be available elsewhere but records held within the Milton Keynes City Council system will be deleted.

Milton Keynes City Council Libraries contact information

Milton Keynes Central Library, 555 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 3HL