Youth Council - About us

What is the MK Youth Council?

MKYC are elected youth members of this city, who use their voices to represent all young people across Milton Keynes. 

Change is made through campaigns, workshops and working with services and organisations on topics that effect young people. Through hearing the needs of young people in their local constituencies MKYC members get the opportunity to be part of decision making meetings, delivering projects and workshops to make sure youth voices are being heard across Milton Keynes.

MKYC representatives engage in a variety of meetings, events and workshops as part of their membership, which works towards improving the lives of young people in Milton Keynes. 

What we do

The Youth Cabinet produced a report covering campaigns and actions through their term in office between 2019-2022.

Youth Cabinet report 2019 - 2022

Regular meetings attended by MKYC

Members of MKYC attend meetings these are as follows:

  • Formal meetings: These are held for MKYC members only, in the Civic Chambers. This meeting is for the discussion of policies and making recommendations for the Action Groups to consider and work through.
  • Action group meetings: Weekday evenings, on a fortnightly basis all young people are welcome to attend. This meeting is where young people will get to express their voice, learn new skills and make action changes for all young people in Milton Keynes. 
    (If you are not already a MKYC member but would like to attend, you must complete, sign and send back the Parental Consent Form to to be able to attend the Action group meeting). 

UK Youth Parliament (UKYP)

MK has 2 representatives that sit on the UK Youth Parliament. They are elected by the members of MKYC and are members too. They are expected to take part in all MKYC activities as well as getting involved in UK wide representation. This includes regional meetings, the 3 day Annual Sitting and the House of Commons Sitting. You can find out more on the UKYP website.

Milton Keynes Youth Mayor

The Youth Council elects a Youth Mayor and a Deputy Youth Mayor. The role of the Youth Mayor is to engage and attend social events as a representative and to raise the profile and voice of young people within the city.

More information on the Youth Mayor and their calendar of events can be found here.

Youth Cabinet

Youth Council contact information

Postal address only, Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ