Thousands of unpaid carers in MK are entitled to FREE support

Family members enjoying time outside together

Carers Week takes place from 10 – 16 June and Milton Keynes City Council is asking residents who provide unpaid care to get in touch.

Unpaid carers provide regular care for a friend or family member that cannot cope without their help.  This may be due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction.  Many of these carers are unaware that they qualify for extra support.

Many residents require assistance with daily activities, and it is estimated that across Milton Keynes, several thousand unpaid carers have yet to come forward for what they are entitled to, such as an annual payment of at least £240 (following an assessment).  Other assistance will vary for individuals but could include access to local respite services that provide temporary care and enable the carer to take some time for themselves.

Milton Keynes City Council wants people who believe they are eligible to get in touch for a ‘Carers Conversation’, where unpaid carers can talk about the care they provide and how it affects their daily life. Based on their personal situation, they will find out what help is available from the City Council, and from voluntary organisations and health services.

If you are an unpaid carer and want more information on the support available or to arrange a Carers Conversation, please visit the City Council’s Carers Assessment webpage.

Carers Week is an annual campaign that aims to raise awareness of caring and recognise the huge contribution that carers make to families and communities across the UK.