Article 4 Directions

Householders can normally make minor alterations to their houses without the requirement of planning permission, under ‘permitted development’ rights.  Local Planning Authorities, however, have the power to remove some of these ‘permitted development’ rights by making Article 4(2) Directions.

Article 4 Directions will be introduced where there is a threat to the special interest, character and appearance of an area, to the loss of features and details, particularly from buildings, this is usually in conservation areas or other areas of special interest.

The aim of these directions is to secure the retention of high quality architectural features on buildings and to control small scale works that may be of little concern elsewhere but that would have considerable impact in an area of special architectural and historic interest.

Article 4 Directions are made under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995. Specified classes of works are then subject to planning permission.

People who live in a conservation area covered by an Article 4 Direction will be notified by the council when such an order is introduced.  The placing of an Article 4 Direction does not necessarily prevent all alteration to the exterior the property, it does however ensure that proposed changes accord with the objective of preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of the conservation area.

Milton Keynes Council has currently issued Article 4 Directions for two areas:



Last Updated: 22 November 2021