Hedgerow removal notice


Hedgerow removal notices are required to remove a hedgerow, or part of a hedgerow, that is covered by the Hedgerows Regulations 1997. It is a criminal offence to remove a protected hedgerow, or part of a protected hedgerow, without permission.

You may need permission to remove a hedgerow, if the hedgerow is on, or runs alongside agricultural land; common land (including town or village greens); land used for forestry or the breeding or keeping of horses, ponies or donkeys; or a local nature reserve.

If you are uncertain about whether your proposed works are affected by the regulations, you are advised to submit a Hedgerow Removal Notice to the local planning authority for determination.

There is no fee for the notice.

Further information

Further information can be found on the governments Countryside hedgerows: protection and management webpage.