Plan:MK Preparation and Examination

Plan:MK Preparation and Examination

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The below outlines the preparation stages of Plan:MK from September 2014 up to submission of the plan to the Secretary of State in March 2018. Details of the examination of Plan:MK following submission can be found at Plan:MK Examination.


Vision and Early Engagement 

Sept-Dec 2014

The first consultation stage used topic papers to explore issues that the plan would need to consider. These included:
Growth in Housing Topic Paper 
Employment and Economic Growth Topic Paper 
Town Centres and Retail Topic Paper 
Transport and Travel Topic Paper 
Provision of Physical and Social Infrastructure Topic Paper 
Culture, Recreation and Quality of Life Topic Paper 
Rural Issues 
Climate Change and Sustainability Topic Paper 
Open Space and the Natural Environment Topic Paper 
Quality of Place Topic Paper 
Duty to Cooperate Topic Paper 
The Way Forward Development Strategy Topic Paper 


Spring 2015

A series of vision workshops were held with stakeholders, to understand ambitions and priorities for Milton Keynes’ growth.

Jan-Apr 2016

Following the suggestions made in the spring 2015 workshops, feedback and ideas on growth were sought through a consultation. More information can be found in the following documents:

Plan:MK Strategic Development Directions Consultation Document, Jan - April 2016 

Strategic Development Directions Consultation - Summary of Comments 


Regulation 18 Stage

Feb 2017

The Draft Preferred Options Plan:MK was approved for consultation at the Cabinet meeting.

Mar 2017

Consultation on the Draft Plan:MK commenced. This was the development strategy which outlined the new Local Plan for Milton Keynes until 2031. The strategy showed the growth of homes, jobs and infrastructure.

As part of the consultation, the council undertook a ‘Call for Sites’, to assist preparation of a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). More information can be found at Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.


Regulation 19 Stage

Oct 2017

A six-week consultation period was held in November and December on the Proposed Submission Plan:MK. You can read more information via the following links:

Statement of Representations Procedure 

Proposed Submission Plan:MK October 2017 

Plan:MK Historic Consultation Timeline 

Plan:MK Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report, October 2014 


Supporting Technical Studies and Evidence


Submission and Examination

March 2018

The Council submitted the proposed submission version of Plan:MK to the inspectorate for an independent examination. Details of the submission are available on the Plan:MK Examination page.

October 2018

The Council published a schedule of main modifications to Plan:MK for a six-week consultation period between the 31 October and the 12 December 2018.

Further information on the Schedule of Main Modifications and the consultation see Plan:MK Examination