Waste Development Plan Document

Milton Keynes Waste DPD 2007-2026 (PDF, 3.8MB)

Waste DPD Adoption Statement (PDF, 13KB)

Sustainability Appraisal Report (PDF, 708KB)

SA Report Appendices (PDF, 390KB)

SA Supplementary Report (PDF, 376KB)

SA Supplementary Matrix (PDF, 64KB)

Appropriate Assessment Screening Report (PDF, 117KB)

Background Information

The Waste DPD replaced the Waste Local Plan (adopted in 1997 by Buckinghamshire County Council, the Waste Planning Authority at that time). Since becoming a unitary authority in 1997, Milton Keynes Council is the Waste Planning Authority for its area. The Waste DPD provides the basis for waste planning decisions made by Milton Keynes Council.

The Waste Development Plan Document (WDPD) includes the Core Strategy, Allocations and Development Control Policies.

Core Strategy - sets out the long-term spatial vision for Milton Keynes and the strategic policies required to deliver the vision. This is the Strategy part of the Waste Development Plan Document detailing where are we now and where we need to be.

Allocations – allocations of sites for waste management facilities. This is the spatial part of the Waste DPD, detailing where the waste management facilities required to be located.

Development Control Policies – policies related to the delivery of site specific allocations and other planning applications which may come forward. This is the management part of the Waste DPD detailing how sites will be considered and controlled.

Timetable to Adoption


Issues and Options 15 August - 30 September 2005
Preferred Options



17 August - 28 September 2006
Submission DPD 31 January 2007
Examination October 2007
Adopted February 2008


Last Updated: 30 November 2017