Planning performance agreements

Planning performance agreements (PPAs) are a proactive and beneficial way of working with us to achieve a high-quality development, within agreed timescales. PPAs are a project management tool, where you and Milton Keynes Council enter into a voluntary agreement covering:

  • timescales
  • resources
  • actions
  • key milestones
  • the approach to community engagement (identification, approach and best practice)
  • other matters (such as s106 agreements)

They usually start at the pre-application stage, and can continue into the post-application stage, but can be entered into at any time prior to submission of a planning application.  

PPAs can be used for any application. We specifically recommend them for large and/or complex planning proposals but we can use simpler agreements for smaller applications.

The benefits of entering into a PPA

There are many benefits to a tailored PPA, the main being:

  • an agreed timeline and structure for deadlines and actions
  • a more efficient planning process
  • multiple stages of pre-application advice
  • agreement to consider revisions ad submission of further information during the application process
  • the agreement to extend the statutory time limits for determining applications
  • high standard of customer service

While PPAs do not guarantee the granting of planning permission, they do provide an opportunity to act on any potential issues before a final decision is made.

The process for entering into a PPA

To enter into a PPA with us, we’ll need to some information from you so that we can properly tailor the proposed agreement:

  • details of the development proposal
  • details of any previous pre-application discussions
  • how many rounds of pre-application advice you would like to enter into
  • proposed timescales for submission and determination
  • any other specific requirements

We will use this information to calculate a proposed fee and draft an agreement. The fee is based on the complexity of the proposal, how many rounds of pre-application advice you need before submission, and the proposed timescales for submission and determination.

To request a quote or discuss whether the PPA process is suitable for your development please contact the planning team.

Entering into a PPA does not guarantee you a planning approval, and if the planning proposal is contrary to the council’s adopted policies or national guidance, it will be recommended for refusal.

Planning Enquiries

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