Parents, Family and Community

These pages provide information from the Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA) Network specifically for parents and carers in the following areas:
  • Parenting UK is a national membership body for organisations and individuals who work with parents. They provide advice and support to professionals working with parents. 
  • Netmums is the UK's biggest parenting website offering local information, expert parenting advice, chat, competitions, recipes and friendly support 
  • Parentingand familysupport is available from Family Lives(formerly Parentline Plus) through the website, online chat, helpline 0808 800 2222 and parenting classes. 
  • Barnardo’s Family parenting services provide both general support and specific parenting education programmes which enable parents to deal more effectively with a range of issues 
  • Parenting support and mentoring to provide a programme of courses and focused family intervention to develop parenting skills are available through MKC Counselling Services
  • Children and Family Centres- provide support and advice to parents and families with under five year olds, as well as for expectant parents. 
  • Multilingual Family is a website to help multilingual families in the UK meet up and ensure they make the most of being multilingual. Includes an online forum for finding and communicating with families in the same geographical area and resources that are categorised by language. 
  • The Place2Be works inside schools to support and nurture children. They provide one-to-one and group counselling sessions, plus a drop-in service open to all school pupils.The Place2Be is a charity that gives young children a space where they can express their feelings through talking, creative activities and play. It helps children to share their emotions and fears and to develop self-esteem and coping skills. The Place2Be helps those children at primary level deal with problems which otherwise may become much more serious and entrenched by the time they reach secondary school. 

Maintaining the home language and bilingualism 

Dual language books are very important to the learning of your child. They can help you and your children to explore their identity and heritage, help to keep the home language alive, support the children’s’ learning of English, introduce children to lots of new languages and scripts and help generate important vocabulary and talk about home language and English. Dual language books can be even more effective when used with audio tapes, CDs and audio files at home. Bilingual children also tend to more successful academically and economically, so celebrate bilingualism.  

Dual language books are available to borrow from your child's school library, Milton Keynes Central Library and local libraries. 

Dual language books can be purchased directly from publishers such as Mantra Lingua and Milet. 


Interpretation and translation services are offered by the Council in Milton Keynes. This service is available to members of the public as well as organisations. 



Last Updated: 1 July 2020