Waste education videos

MK City Council are pleased to offer a range of environmental education videos, each with accompanying supporting resources. 

Let's Recycle Right

This video covers everything you need to feel confident you are recycling correctly, including:

  • what goes in which bin, box or bag
  • how MK residents’ recycling is processed
  • what it is recycled into
  • new wheeled bin collections starting 2023
  • what happens to MK black bin bags
  • actions we can all do to help the environment
  • Supporting resources

Plastic Ocean

Learn more about the impact of plastic, including:

  • the role of plastic in our everyday lives
  • plastic pollution if the oceans and impact on sea life
  • what happens when litter enters local waterways
  • what plastic can be recycled
  • actions we can all do to help reduce plastic use and litter
  • Supporting resources

Small actions, Big impact

How humans have impacted the environment and what can be done to help, including:

  • summary of the impact of deforestation, mining, pollution, waste management and population
  • the role of central and local government, businesses and manufacturers 
  • examples of small daily behaviour changes that have a positive and sustainable impact on the environment
  • Supporting resources

Super Powers

A review of energy sources and what happens to MK’s black bin bags, covering:

  • how we use energy every day
  • issues with fossil fuels
  • different types of renewable energy sources
  • current energy provision
  • what happens at the MK Waste Recovery Park and how MK bin bag rubbish is turned into a source of energy
  • Supporting resources

Advice for School Councils and Eco groups

This video will assist students looking to improve their schools' environment, giving advice about:

  • what can be recycled in school
  • how to improve recycling in classrooms and other areas
  • how to reduce waste
  • look for reuse options 
  • find other sustainable solutions around school
  • Supporting resources

Waste and Recycling team contact information

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park (appointment only), 9 Dickens Road, Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5QF