Waste education resources

Learning about recycling, waste, sustainability and how our actions impact our environment, creates life-long, positive habits.

We hope you enjoy these free environmental educational resources for children and adults of all ages, which can be used at home, in school or community groups. All of these resources can be used independently or to support our educational video and talks

Please note some of these resources are not fully accessible as they are intended for download and printing. If you require a different version please contact us.

Free resources

Free leaflets and posters

To request leaflets and posters to be posted out please email wasteeducation@milton-keynes.gov.uk stating amount required. Posters can be requested in A4 or A3 size.

Print your own bin posters

Make sure bins have the correct signage so everyone knows what to do with their rubbish.

For schools:

For MK residents:

Let's Recycle Right resources

It is important to understand our role in getting recycling right. This topic looks at what can be recycled in MK, what happens next to it, what it is recycled into and everyday actions we can do to help.

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Supporting resources: 

Also see additional resources for School council and Eco groups below.

Plastic Ocean resources

Plastic is now part of our everyday lives. Plastic becomes and issue when is used unnecessarily and is not disposed of correctly. Littering here in MK can lead to plastic pollution of our local waterways, the ocean and has an impact on wildlife. Learn what plastic can be recycled and actions we can all do to help reduce plastic.

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Supporting resources: 

Also see the Litter resources below

Small actions, Big impact resources

How simple daily decisions can impact the environment. Learn how humans have impacted the world by our actions – including deforestation, mining, pollution, waste management. Make small daily behaviour changes that have a positive impact on the environment. 

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Supporting resources: 

Also see resources listed under Let's Recycle Right, Litter and Eco Warriors

Super Powers resources

Our use of energy has a big impact on the environment. Did you know that MK bin bag rubbish is turned into energy? Find out what happens at the MK Waste Recovery Park in Old Wolverton. This topic looks at the current energy provision, issues with coal and gas fossil fuels and the different types of renewable energy sources.

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Supporting resources: 

Find out more about what happens to rubbish at the Milton Keynes Waste Recover Park

Litter resources

When people drop rubbish on the ground this is known as littering. This can harm animals, birds and wildlife. It can also make where we live look messy too.

Find out more about helping out with a litter pick and where to hire kits.

The Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council Environment and Waste team join forces annually to hold a litter poster competition for MK schools and youth community groups. The winning posters are displayed in parks and on noticeboards across MK. Below are the 2022 competition winning posters. Request free copies to be posted out by emailing wasteeducation@milton-keynes.gov.uk 

Eco Warriors free environmental programme

Eco Warriors is a free environmental activities programme designed to encourage children of all ages, from EYFS to KS4, to recycle more, waste less and raise awareness of environmental issues, such as reducing single use plastics and not littering. It supports all of the topics listed here.

  • Mini Eco Warriors - EYFS / KS1 seasonal activity sheets and certificates
  • Eco Warriors - KS2 brand new for 2022 free activity booklets
  • Eco Citizen - KS3 to 4 ideas of actions to implement in school

Eco Warriors activities support all the topic areas shown here.

Resources for School Councils, Eco Groups and Site Managers

Did you know 80% of most school waste can be recycled or reused? Getting recycling right in school is really important in helping students to understand their role in helping the environment.

Book a free session with one of the Environment and Waste education team who can come out to your school to help you improve recycling and reduce waste on site. 

Alternatively, watch our advice for School Council and Eco groups video

Advice and guidance:

Supporting resources: 

Make sure bins have the correct signage to help students know what to do with their rubbish:

To request leaflets and posters to be posted out please email wasteeducation@milton-keynes.gov.uk stating amount required. Posters can be requested in A4 or A3 size.

Environment and Waste Education contact information

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park (by appointment only), 9 Dickens Road, Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5QF