Report a missed collection

Before you report a missed collection

Please note that black bin/sack waste is now collected in a different vehicle to red and blue bin/sack recycling. This helps to prevent contamination so more rubbish can be recycled. Your bins or sacks will be picked up at different times on the same day.

Please check the following before reporting a missed collection of rubbish and/or recycling:

  • Was your rubbish and recycling placed at the edge of your property by 7.00am on your collection day?
  • Are there any incorrect items in your recycling containers? 
  • Please check our Facebook or Twitter accounts to see if is a delay in collections due to inclement weather or disruption to service.

You have a 48 hour window to report a missed collection to us, after this period we will not return until the next scheduled bin collection day.

Report a missed collection

Alternatively, call Customer Services on 01908 252570.

Collection should be made within the two working days after the online form has been submitted.

Waste and Recycling team contact information

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park (appointment only), 9 Dickens Road, Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5QF