Street cleansing standards

Street sweeping

All residential roads are cleaned as appropriate on a regular basis. During the year we will conduct almost 1000 surveys (80 each month) to assess and grade the cleansing standards over an area. Our cleansing grades are:

Grade A - The area is clear of all litter and there is no debris on the footpath or in the road gulley. Debris comprises soil, leaves (in small quantities), dead plants and small stones.

Grade B - There is the occasional piece of litter or a light scattering of debris on the footpath or in the road gulley.  Typically this would be a single piece of litter no larger than a drinks can or a crisp packet every meter.

Grade C - The litter is widespread or there are lots of small piles of debris on the footpath or in the road gulley. This could be individual items of larger litter such as a newspaper or small groups of small litter such as crisp packets or drinks cans in the space of a meter.

Grade D - There is heavy littering or large piles of debris on the footpath or in the road gulley.

Our contractor aims to inspect areas that are reported as littered within 24 hours. We do not undertake additional cleaning at grade A or B, this litter will be removed at the next scheduled clean of the area. Grade C areas will only be cleaned if they are less than halfway through the cleaning cycle, if not they will be cleaned on schedule with particular attention paid to any issues raised.  Areas that are assessed as Grade D will be cleaned within 24 hours.

Further information about street cleansing grades can be found in the DEFRA Street Cleansing codes of practise.

Please help us by:

  • Not dropping litter: use the litter bins provided or take it home
  • Contacting the Helpline 01908 252570 with any queries or problems
  • Report a street cleansing issue


We aim to empty litter bins at a frequency that prevents them overflowing - this is normally at the same time as we undertake the street cleaning. We work with local partners to assess and establish needs for new bins. We provide a regular service and respond to reports of overflowing bins within ten working days and regularly review the location of litter bins.

Please help us by:

Dog waste bins

All dog waste bins are provided by Parish Councils and have their own management arrangements. Contact the relevant Parish or Town Council if you have an issue with these bins.

Fly tipping

We aim to keep public land free of illegally deposited waste. We will remove fly-tipped waste on public land within five working days of it being reported. We do not provide a free service for fly-tips on private property.

Please help us by:

  • Report dumped rubbish or fly-tipping, noting time, date and vehicle registration
  • Not putting yourself at risk and do not touch the waste. There may be evidence that can help us identify the culprit
  • See our advice before booking a contractor to take away your rubbish

Graffiti and fly-posting

We aim to keep public property free of graffiti or fly-posting by removing or painting it out and to assist owners of private property. We provide a free removal service to private residential properties on schedule by return of our disclaimer. Offensive graffiti or fly posting will be removed as soon as practically possible. We do not undertake routine removal or painting out of graffiti or fly-posting above three metres or where there are health and safety issues for our operatives. We do not undertake free graffiti removal from commercial properties.

Please help us by:

  • Report graffiti or fly-posting
  • Quickly removing graffiti from your property if you are able to do so
  • Signing a council disclaimer if requested to do so. This will authorise us to remove graffiti or fly-posting from your private property
  • Graffiti and fly-posting is criminal damage. If you see someone defacing property, please call the police

Leaf fall and blossom (seasonal)

We aim to keep the roads clear of dangerous wet leaves and blossom. We aim to recycle as much biodegradable matter as possible. We provide a service that is appropriate to a particular road and a leafing programme for designated roads. We will not clear leaves from private land. Please note that there is no statutory duty for local authorities to remove leaves.

Please help us by:

  • Reporting areas that require special treatment
  • Not blowing leaves onto the public highway from your property

Weeding (seasonal)

We aim to keep roads clear of large accumulations of weed growth. We undertake a weed treatment programme scheduled on an annual basis. We will not remove weeds on private land or respond to requests for removal of small accumulations of weeds.

Please help us by:

  • Removing weeds along your property boundary; preventing weeds from spreading or seeding into public areas from your property. Removal of debris, spillages, dead animals and drug related litter (syringes/needles)

We aim to attend at road traffic accidents and respond to reports of dead animals and drug litter and will undertake the careful removal within four hours of notification. We will not undertake the removal of dead pet animals from private property.

Waste and Recycling team contact information

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park (appointment only), 9 Dickens Road, Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5QF