Disability Access

If we can make Milton Keynes accessible for all it will mean that people are enabled not disabled and included not excluded. Unfortunately not everything is accessible yet.

If you need help accessing our services please let us know. This might be because you are hearing impaired and find it difficult to use the phone. Contact us via our online form, or email customerservices@milton-keynes.gov.uk and provide a brief outline of the additional support you need and your preferred method of contact, and we will get back you within 5 working days. If you are emailing us, please could you put ‘Additional support’ in the title of the email.

Find out about access

Here are some ways to find out about access:

  • Use the MK Access Guide to get detailed information about access to all kinds of places in Milton Keynes including hotels, restaurants, colleges, tourist attractions, libraries, hospitals and leisure centres
  • Government information about transport and access including information on Disabled Student Allowance, disability access and Blue Badge Schemes
  • MKCIL is a voluntary organisation working to improve accessibility

Alternatively, the Adult Social Care Hub  has information about local health and social care options and service and Special Education Needs Local Offer (SEND) has information about education services and support.  

We're working hard to make this website usable by people of all abilities and disabilities and you can read more about the accessibility of this website.

Accessibility and Equality

Accessibility and Equality contact information

Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ