Flowers Suite - enhanced ceremonies



Flowers Suite

The Flowers Suite is available for enhanced marriage ceremonies and civil partnership formations for the couple and up to a total of 60 people, this number includes children and your witnesses.    

A couple can either be seen together, or separately, on arrival and readings and additional elements can be included, such as music or additional vows or promises.  A ceremony checklist will be attached to your confirmation email, please complete this and return it to us at approximately two weeks before your ceremony is due to take place. 

Any music you would like to be played should, ideally, be on a cd.  If you have a specific track which you would like to be played as you make your entrance, please ensure that this is track one on the cd, we will start the music playing at track two while your guests are being seated and the pre-ceremony interviews are taking place.  Ideally the cd should contain around 20 minutes of music. 

Ceremonies can be booked in the Flowers Suite on Saturdays at the following times: 


The Flowers Suite is also available on weekdays, subject to availability.  Please contact us at for dates, times and charges. 

Further information, along with suggested readings, can be found in either our marriage pack or civil partnership pack.


Register Office room - statutory ceremonies

A statutory ceremony in the Register Office room is a simple ceremony for the couple and their two witnesses only and when you arrive, you will be seen together. 

Ceremonies in the Register Office room can be booked on Tuesdays only at the following times: 



Approved premises

Alternatively, you might wish to consider holding your ceremony or formation in a venue which has been licenced for marriages or civil partnerships. 

There are a number of approved premises in Milton Keynes which you might wish to consider, alternatively, a list of venues across England and Wales can be found on the website

Ceremonies at approved venues in Milton Keynes can be booked any day of the week at the following times: 



How to book your ceremony   

If you wish to book a marriage ceremony or civil partnership formation please use the appropriate link below or call us on 01908 372101.   

Book a marriage ceremony

Book a civil partnership formation

Please note that ceremonies cannot be booked to take place within three months from the date the booking is made in order to ensure that all the legal preliminaries (Notices) have been completed.