The naming of your child is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make. 

A name gives a child an identity and provides a sense of belonging to the family and wider community. 

A naming ceremony is a unique occasion for all your family and friends to feel involved as they offer their love and support to your child's future development.

Naming ceremonies are as individual as your child and provide a formal, non-religious, way to:

  • celebrate the birth and welcome your child into the family and wider community
  • announce the names that you have chosen and, if appropriate, explain the reasons behind the choice
  • make promises of commitment to nurture and support your child into adult life
  • choose other adults prepared to promise a special supportive relationship to your child

Naming ceremonies are not just for babies.  Children of any age can have a ceremony and you can include your other children at no extra cost.  A naming ceremony can also be used to celebrate adoptive and / or step children into your family and to announce the new relationship.

Any parent can arrange a naming ceremony whether married or not.


Your unique ceremony

We will provide a framework for you to select your ceremony from.  We will discuss this with you to ensure your ceremony is something unique and special to you.  Your ceremony will be run by a fully trained Celebrant from your local authority and contain some, or all, of the following:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Readings / poems
  • Parents' promises
  • Optional gift presentation by family
  • Your own music
  • Signing of a commemorative certificate
  • Promises and pledges of supporting adults
  • Closing words


Choosing a venue

Naming ceremonies can be held at the Register Office in the Flowers Suite, or at any of our approved venues across Milton Keynes.


Naming ceremony brochure

Further information to assist you to plan your naming ceremony with us can be found by downloading our naming ceremony brochure.


How do I arrange a naming ceremony?

For further information, or to arrange a naming ceremony, please telephone us on 01908 372101.