Students and other education

If your bill indicates that a Discount, Reduction or Exemption has been applied, you must tell the Council Tax Department of any changes in your circumstances which may affect your entitlement within 21 days. If you fail to do so, a penalty of £70 may be imposed.

Full-time Students 

You may qualify for a Council Tax discount if you or the other people in your property are students. You will need to meet certain criteria to qualify. If all the occupants in your property qualify for a student discount, you will be exempt from Council Tax.

You can qualify for a student discount if you are:

  • studying on a full-time course with a recognised university or college for at least one academic year. The course must consist of at least 21 hours of study, tuition, or work experience per week and be provided by a prescribed UK educational establishment.
  • a foreign language assistant working within an educational establishment.
  • a student nurse and your course leads to registration on any Parts 1 to 6 or 8 of the Nursing Register and you're studying for your first inclusion on the register.

You will not qualify for a student discount if:

  • there are two or more adults living in the property who are not students.
  • you are a nurse who is already on the Nursing Register and taking further courses.
  • your course is not provided by a prescribed UK educational establishment.

For council tax purposes, a student’s term-time address is counted as their main home. Student applications should be made for your term-time address only.

If your adult child has left the property to attend university and you are the sole adult in the property, please visit our single-person discount page.

How to apply

To apply for the discount, you will need to:

  • Submit a student certificate provided by your educational establishment to support your application through the application process.
  • If you need to upload additional evidence, this should be sent to us by email at

Online Council Tax Services

To apply our other student-related discounts please continue to use the drop-downs below:

Under 20 Years of Age in Further Education

A young adult will be disregarded for Council Tax if they:

  • are 18 or 19 years old, and
  • are in education up to A level standard), for at least three months. The course must consist of at least 12 hours of study, tuition, or work experience per week, or
  • have just left school

Evening and corresponding classes are not permitted for those under 20 years old.

How to apply

To apply for the discount, you will need to:

  • Download and complete the application form
  • Submit any evidence that you are receiving child benefits for this person.
  • Scan the completed application form using either a scanner or taking a picture of it using your mobile phone.
  • Email your completed application and supporting evidence to 


You can qualify for an apprentice discount if

  • you are employed to learn a trade, business, profession, office, employment, or vocation,
  • you are involved in an apprenticeship leading to a qualification accredited by the National Council for Vocational Qualifications (NVQ)
  • you earn less than £195 per week

How to apply

To apply for the discount, you will need to:

Non-British Spouses of Students

A person who is the spouse or dependant of a student may be disregarded if they are:

  • Not a British Citizen; and
  • Prevented by the terms of their entry to the UK from taking paid employment; or
  • Prevented from claiming benefits/ have no resource to public funds.

You will need to provide proof through a copy of your passport, visa or residence card and the disregard until either residency expires or your spouse’s studies end.

How to apply

To apply for the discount, you will need to:

  • Notify us via our Contact Us form that you are the spouse or dependant of a student.
  • Any students in the household will need to complete the student discount application through our Online Council Tax Services.
  • If you need to upload additional evidence, this can be emailed to 

Student Halls of Residence

A property is exempt if it is a hall of residence provided to accommodate students who would be disregarded for the purpose of a discount (full time students)

How to apply

To apply for this exemption, you will need to:

  • Contact the Council by email at to request this exemption.
  • Provide proof that the property is owned or managed by an approved educational establishment or;
  • Provide proof the property is subject of an agreement allowing an approved educational establishment to nominate the majority of the people who are to occupy the accommodation.

What happens next?

Once your application has been submitted, we will check to see if you are eligible for an exemption or discount. We may ask you for further information regarding your student status.

Once the discount or exemption has been applied you will receive an updated bill. If we are unable to apply the discount or exemption, we will contact you by email or post.

Applications for discounts will be verified and can be subject to periodic review. The Council may use third-party organisations to carry out such checks using financial and credit referencing information.