Rights of way improvement plan

Milton Keynes City Council has produced its first Rights of Way Improvement Plan (RoWIP).  

The Plan, which was adopted by the council on 20th June 2023, is the 10 year strategy for how improvements will be made to the Rights of Way in Milton Keynes over the period 2023-2033.  

The plan assesses the extent to which the rights of way network in Milton Keynes meets the present and future needs of users.  It evaluates the priorities for the rights of way network, what users would like from the service, and how we can improve walking, equestrian and cycling opportunities for all.  A statement of actions sets out how improvements will be managed and delivered to provide a high quality, well maintained and accessible public rights of way network.

There is an estimated 550km of public footpaths, bridleways and byways in Milton Keynes and our plan includes proposals for:

  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle choices through providing opportunities for exercise, leisure, open-air recreation and promotion of active travel.
  • Improved linkages between rights of way to avoid the need to travel along roads to reach one right of way from another.
  • Addressing accessibility issues and other barriers that those with mobility problems, the visually impaired, and under-represented groups face when using the public rights of way network.
  • More informative signage and maps available for download.


View our Rights of Way Improvement Plan here  


Rights of Way Improvement Plan Documents  

Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2023-2033 

Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2023-2033 Appendices 

Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2023-2033 Abridged Version