Flood investigations

Section 19 - Flood Investigations

Under Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, Milton Keynes Council investigates flood incidents that meet the following threshold:

  • flooding has affected critical infrastructure for a period in excess of three hours from the onset of flooding.
  • internal flooding of a building has been experienced on more than one occasion in the last five years.
  • internal flooding of five buildings in close proximity has been experienced during one single flood incident.

Download our Flood Investigation Protocol 

Available Reports:

Independent Flood Review (2018)

After the surface water floods in Milton Keynes in May 2018 Cabinet elected to commission an Independent Flood Review. This review has been carried out by AECOM and has produced a number of recommendations for the council and its partner organisations. Acting upon these recommendations is intended to improve flood risk management, communications, and emergency response and recovery in Milton Keynes to support any future event.

We are in the process of revising our documents. Please get in touch with us if you need a copy.

The final report and appendices 

Independent Flood Review Main Report 

Annexes A-F -  which contains:

  • Annex A – Detailed recommendations
  • Annex B – Stakeholder Engagement carried out as part of the review
  • Annex C - Resident Questionnaire
  • Annex D - Business questionnaire
  • Annex E - Rights and responsibilities
  • Annex F - Combined and summarised recommendations from the three section 19 Flood Investigations

Annex G - which contains:

  • Maps of already proposed flood and drainage projects
  • Risk of flooding from surface water covering Stoke Goldington
  • Risk of flooding from surface water covering Newport Pagnell
  • Risk of flooding from surface water covering South and Central Milton Keynes

Annexes H-K - which contains:

  • Annex H - Economic costs
  • Annex I - Asset management and maintenance
  • Annex J - MKCC Highways department gully emptying reschedule
  • Annex K - Existing key actions from reviewed documents

The council’s response to the report is detailed in the 13th January Cabinet report which is available here: