Parking Permits - Apply Here

Do you live or work in Milton Keynes or commute from Milton Keynes, then you can apply for your parking permits here, including residents' permits, suspensions and car share.

Car Share permit application

To apply for your Car Share permit please complete this form.


EasiPermits are virtual (i.e. not a paper permit) you will not receive a paper permit in the post to display in your window.  You will only receive a paper permit if you have two vehicles on your application or you are applying for a visitor permit which is not vehicle specific.  Please allow five days for an EasiPermit application or ten days for a paper application to be processed.

Learn more about what you need to apply for a permit by reading the Guidance Notes for permits before applying. Read this document (PDF, 200KB) for current charges for permits.

Residents of Central Milton Keynes and Loughton are required to purchase either a resident or visitor permit to be eligible for the free scratch cards.

Please note if applying for a Part Time Employee Permit, the permit will cover two parking sessions.  AM session covers 07:00am to 14:00pm, PM session covers 11:00am to 18:00pm.

The EasiPermit virtual parking permits are the easiest and quickest way for you to apply for your parking permits you can apply online today.

online parking applications for permits

Our Civil Enforcement Officers will check your registration number against the EasiPermit database to confirm you have a valid parking permit.  You will be advised of the application reference number by email.  For further information please call 0845 230 8855 NOTE  Call Charges Apply Click here to find out more option 3.

Payments for permits 

In order to process card payments Milton Keynes Council will need to contact the cardholder at the time of processing to complete the card transaction; this is so we comply with all legislation and for your personal protection.It is your responsibility to renew your permit.  Applications for renewals should be made at least 14 days prior to the expiry of your permit to allow the application to be processed.

Cashless parking with RingGo

For more information regarding the RingGo Resident Visitor Permit read this leaflet (PDF, 380KB).

Carers Parking Permits

Please note a Carers Parking Permit is only available to a person who is employed either by a public service body or an officially registered company employing carers who are required to make house calls as a part of their normal duty (One permit per employee).

Please provide written confirmation of employment from a public service body or officially registered company for your initial permit and any renewals.

A Carers Parking Permit can be used in any council owned residents parking places, signed as such.  A valid permit will entitle you to park without displaying a Residents Parking Permit. Paper Permits must be displayed clearly in the windscreen of your vehicle.

The permit is only valid when the carer is making a house call to a resident in accordance with that specified above.  The parking period must not be any longer than the duration of the house call.

Change of vehicle details

If you need to change your vehicle details on your parking permit please email: or call 0845 230 8855 NOTE  Call Charges Apply Click here to find out more option 3.

For RingGo permits please log in to your RingGo account to amend your details.

Review of existing Resident Permit Parking Only Schemes

Read this policy (PDF, 288KB) to find out how to amend an existing Resident Permit Parking Only Scheme.

Last Updated: 10 December 2018