Parking Tickets

Please allow 24 hours after the issue of the Penalty Charge Notice before making payment. Charges are reduced by 50% for prompt payment before the end of the 14 day discount period

If you park in breach of local parking restrictions (displayed on signs and/or lines), you may receive a parking fine, known as a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

A Penalty Charge Notice issued will be £70.00 for the higher level and £50.00 for the lower charge. The charge will be reduced by 50% for prompt payment before the end of the 14 day discount period. 

If you have misplaced your Penalty Charge Notice starting MK4 and require the charge number please call 01908 252309. For Penalty Charge Notices starting MK5 please call 01604 625632 

To pay your Penalty Charge Notice starting MK5 use the link below

Pay your parking ticket online

or pay by phone call 03300 882927 

Lower level PCN's are issued for failure to pay and display, or overstaying a parking ticket and are considered to be less serious, generally if you are allowed to park somewhere but you breach the restriction you will be subject to the lower level PCN charge.

Parking on yellow lines or parking in a bay reserved for residents or disabled badge holders are treated as higher level PCN's, if you shouldn't be parked some where because there is a more serious restriction then you will be subject to a higher level PCN.

How to pay

Penalty Charge Notices starting MK5

Charges are reduced by 50% for prompt payment before the end of the 14 day discount period.

  • Pay your parking ticket
  • Pay by phone on 03300 882927 
  • Pay by post - your cheque or crossed postal order must be made payable to Milton Keynes Council and sent to:

Milton Keynes Council
PO Box 1549

Objecting to your PCN

If you want to challenge the PCN you must do so in writing via post or online at Remember to state your;

  • Name 
  • Address 
  • PCN number  
  • Vehicle registration mark 

You should set out the reasons why you think the PCN was incorrectly or unfairly issued (please see list of unacceptable reasons).

If we receive your letter within 14 calendar days from the date of PCN issue, and decide not to cancel it, we will extend the discount payment period for a further 14 days from the date of our response.

If you are not happy with our decision, you do have further rights of appeal at later stages. You can also take your case to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, an independent tribunal. For information on formally appealing against the issue of a Penalty charge Notice, please visit the Traffic Penalty Tribual  or  Patrol websites. 

Unacceptable reasons – we will not cancel your PCN if:

  • You were delayed on your return to your car because you were held up in a queue or your meeting overran
  • You did not realise that you had to pay for parking on a Sunday
  • You did not realise that you had to pay to park in that location
  • You did not realise that you were parked in a restricted bay, e.g. disabled bay, resident permit holder bay
  • You were only parked for a few minutes
  • You have been parking in the same place for years and have not previously received a PCN
  • You do not have enough money to pay the charge
  • Other vehicles were parked in the same manner and did not receive a PCN
  • There was nowhere else to park

Observation Periods

The following are discretional observation or ‘grace’ periods that we allow.

  1. Failure to pay and display: 5 minutes (to acquire ticket from machine, not to get change or to pay by phone)
  2. Overstay on a pay and display ticket: 10 minutes
  3. Loading/unloading (DYL/SYL): 2 minute observation period to look for loading/unloading activity

Postal Penalty Charge Notices

The introduction of what is called the postal PCN is not a new concept. This power has been available in London since 2000. Milton Keynes Council will now be issuing these notices where vehicles have driven away before the PCN can be completed and issued to the motorist or attached to the vehicle. The Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) will be required to provide evidence that the PCN was 'in production' and would otherwise have to be cancelled on return to the parking office.

The new regulation will deal with those people who persistently contravene the parking regulations but simply drive away when they see a CEO or where a PCN is physically created but has not been served due to threatening behavior towards the CEO.

For details of which contraventions are subject to the higher and lower level charge, please visit Parking Charges for Penalty Charge Notices.

Last Updated: 7 July 2020