Ring-Go - Virtual Employee Parking Permits

Parking permits are now available virtually. Employees that work in Central Milton Keynes regularly or occasionally can get a discount off the standard charge for parking.

With a virtual permit you will not receive a paper permit or ticket to display in your vehicle as the vehicle registration number along with your parking payment choice is logged digitally. The Civic Enforcement Officer (parking attendant) will be able to check your vehicle and the paid for parking choice using their hand held machine.

You can find out more information and apply by clicking on the link below:


Why choose a Virtual Employee Permit?

There are many benefits to using a virtual permit including:

  • Quick and simple, once registered you can park for up to a year without re-applying.
  • Up to 30% discount on the cost to park compared with paying standard rate at the machine.
  • No need to pre-pay for a parking permit that you may not use.
  • You only pay for time that you use.
  • More environmentally friendly – no wasted parking tickets.

You can apply for and purchase a virtual parking permit, in multiple blocks of time, giving you as much flexibility to suit your needs, and these services are available for both new applications and renewals.

Parking Time Slots Available:

  • Per day      £2.80
  • Per month  £52.50 
  • 3 months    £157.50
  • 6 months   £315.00
  • Per Year   £630.00

You can book and pay for any of the above options once you have registered online. This is a one-off registration. This can be done through RingGo by simply clicking the link below.

Please note that authorisation to use RingGo employee permits lasts for a year. You will be reminded by email when you need to re-apply for this service.


How does it work?

Once your application has been approved, you can buy parking time either online or by phone.

Online at:

RingGo Permits

By Phone

Call 0843 209 00 88 (calls charged at local rate)

*Please note you are not able to book Virtual Employee Parking via text.

Once a parking session has been confirmed it is not refundable. If you no longer require the employee permit e.g. moved jobs you can get a pro-rata refund.

The refund applies to any whole months that remain unused as at the date of cancelling the permit.

RingGo Customer Care Team can be contacted on 0203 046 0200 (calls charged at standard rate).

For other types of parking permits, click on the link below:

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Last Updated: 18 February 2021