Permits to work on the highways (Streetworks)

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You will need a Traffic Management Permit before carrying out any activities and roadworks on the highway.

The permit scheme helps us to:

  •  reduce disruption on the road network

  •  improve road network management

  •  reduce delays to the travelling public

  •  promote a safer environment
  •  reduce carbon emissions

The permit scheme allows us to control, schedule and plan where and when roadworks take place between ourselves, utility companies and other companies who need to work on the highway. This way we can minimise disruption and coordinate works to be more efficient.

Do I need a permit?

You will need a permit before any work begins if your activity includes:

  • breaking up or resurfacing any street
  • opening the carriageway or cycleway of traffic-sensitive streets at traffic sensitive times
  • the need for any form of temporary traffic regulation order or notice, or the suspension of pedestrian crossing facilities
  • reducing the lanes available on a carriageway of three or more lanes
  • reducing the width of the existing carriageway of a traffic-sensitive street at a traffic sensitive time.

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