Regional projects

The Highways team look at improving connectivity for the region and are involved in large scale projects either in or affecting parts of MK.

East West Rail

The East West Rail link will eventually join up Milton Keynes to Oxford and Cambridge through the Bletchley station.

To complete the Bicester to Bletchley link preparatory works have been taking place and a new flyover bridge is being installed at Bletchley over Buckingham Road. This will require some traffic management for the nearby roads as they carry out these works.

As a national transport project, the works are being done under a Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO) was approved on 25 February 2020 by the Secretary of State. This act gives Network Rail the authority to notify MKC about their proposed road closures and or temporary traffic orders associated with their works.

This means that Network Rail are not required to request authorisation from Milton Keynes Highway Authority to carry out these works on our network.

More information about the East West Rail project can be found on their website

You can also read the latest newsletter.

Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF)

A package of £95m was announced by the Government in March 2020 to cover the cost of the infrastructure to serve a large development of 5,000 new homes to the east of MK. This funding will cover the cost of building a new community health hub, primary school and for new roads, footways and a road bridge over the M1.

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