Reference and research services are mainly located at Central Library and staff will be happy to help you with your enquiries. 

You can also contact us using the online enquiry form.

Careers and job search information

Job search

If you're seeking employment, you can benefit from a number of library services including:

Careers advice

  • Careers directory providing information on different careers including the training and qualifications required.
  • Books giving in-depth information on specific careers.
  • You can search the library catalogue for careers books.
  • Books on changing careers and returning to work.

Qualification comparison website (UK Naric)

The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom is also known as NARIC. It's the national agency that provides official comparison information and advice on international education, training systems and overseas skills and qualifications.

Useful job search websites

Careers, apprenticeships and training

Graduate information sites

Overseas jobs

  • Overseas jobs and international employment opportunities for professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers.

Education information

Education - primary and secondary

University information

Digital help and online learning

Visit the digital help and online learning web page for resources to help improve your digital skills.

Electoral registers

Viewing electoral registers

Milton Keynes libraries no longer hold copies of the Open Electoral register.

For information about how to view the electoral register please email the Elections Team or phone them on 01908 254706. For historical records you can contact Buckinghamshire Archives in Aylesbury.

Government information

Local Government


  • Council public consultation documents are kept at the enquiry desk during the consultation period. These include proposed building developments and changes to car parking restrictions.
  • Milton Keynes Local Plan - a copy of the most recent plan can be consulted at the enquiry desk or viewed online.
  • Previous Local Plans are kept in the Local Studies Library.
  • Council Committee agendas and minutes are kept in the Local Studies Library at Central Library. Please ring to check availability before making a special journey to view these documents. 
  • Council documents - an archive of old council documents, including strategies and reports, is kept in the Local Studies Library.

Planning applications

  • A weekly listing of recently submitted planning applications can be viewed online.
  • All planning applications submitted to Milton Keynes City Council's Development Control Department after 11 November 2009 are available to view online via the Public Access System. This allows access to view the application documents, check an application's status, target dates and lets you make comments online; all within the same system. Decision notices will be published online once issued.
  • You can also inspect the full details of a specific planning application in person by contacting the council's planning department.

National government

Useful government websites

  • GOV.UK - the gateway to UK government websites.
  • UK Parliament - includes directory of MPs, details of parliamentary committees, Hansard reports of debates and information about bills currently before parliament.
  • UK Legislation - full text of UK Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments.

Health information

Health information resources

We have books providing information about a wide range of medical conditions and treatments. Search the library catalogue for titles and suggestions.

  • Access to Research - free online access to over 1.5 million academic articles - learn more on the eLibrary webpage.
  • COIN - find contact details for Milton Keynes health services and support groups through our community information directory.
  • NHS Choices - is the NHS information site. Find out about illnesses, operations, tests and treatments and contact details for your local health services.
  • Patient Information - information about medicines, health and medical resources and articles written by health professionals as well as a symptom checker.
  • British Medical Journal - read medical articles online.
  • Lancet - read medical articles online.
  • BBC news - provides information about many health topics.
  • Fit for Travel - website provided by the NHS (Scotland), gives travel health information for people travelling abroad from the UK.

Mental health

You can find help in your libraries about various aspects of mental health including:

Useful websites

Maps and atlases

Map collections

The map collection held in the Local Studies Library consists mainly of Ordnance Survey maps dating from the 1880s onwards. They vary in scale from 1 inch to the mile to 1:1250 (around 50 inches to the mile) and cover the modern urban area of Milton Keynes.

A few historic hand drawn maps of the older parishes within the 'designated area' of Milton Keynes can be viewed on request. To check what maps we hold for particular areas, please see our indexes:

Colman map collection

A collection of historic county maps dating from the 16th century to the late 19th century. These maps can be viewed by special arrangement with the Local Studies Library.

Photocopying maps

Any photocopying of maps in the Local Studies Library must comply with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988. Please see our photocopying facilities page for details of what you are permitted to copy.

Ordnance survey location plans for planning applications

Libraries are not able to supply copy plans for this purpose. We suggest you visit the planning department webpages.

Books about local maps available in the Local Studies Library

  • 'Maps of Bucks' by Gordon Wyatt
  • 'County Maps and Historic Buckinghamshire' by Valerie G Scott & Eve McLaughlin

Useful map websites

Buckinghamshire Archives is based in Aylesbury and holds a large and varied collection of maps for Buckinghamshire.

Newspapers and magazines

Local newspapers

Most of our local MK newspaper collection is on microfilm.

If you are making a special journey to use the newspapers on microfilm we recommend that you contact us in advance to book a microfilm reader by phoning the Local Studies Library on 01908 254051.

Our local newspapers are not indexed so, if you are looking for a particular event, it helps to have a good idea of the month and year before beginning your search.

You can view a list of the newspapers and magazines held in the Milton Keynes libraries.

Local newspaper cuttings

  • From 1981 onwards, all the local newspapers have been scanned to create a newspaper cuttings collection of items relating to North Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. 
  • The subject areas include people, architecture, politics, arts, local government, health, social issues and leisure. You can search the index of local studies cuttings.

Family history magazines

Local family history magazines

We subscribe to two local family history magazines:

  • 'Bucks Ancestor' - Magazine of the Bucks Genealogical Society
  • 'Origins' - Magazine of the Bucks Family History Society

Business newspapers and magazines

Here is a list of newspapers and magazines held at libraries in Milton Keynes. You can find more information on the business and company information webpage.

You can also access over 7000 newspapers and publications from around the world in 60 languages using PressReader online.

National newspapers

National newspapers are available in the Reference Library. Newspapers are indexed by title.

Other sources

  • The British Library - has the national archive collections of British and overseas newspapers. It also includes popular magazines and periodicals, and is available in hard copy, in microform, and on CD-ROM at the newspaper reading rooms in Colindale, north west London.
  • PressReader - digital access to newspapers and popular publications from the UK and all around the world. This service offers newspapers in 60 languages and is available within libraries and remotely from home with your library card number and PIN.
  • Access to Research - within libraries you can access academic and scientific journals.


Milton Keynes statistics

The Reference Library has a statistics collection covering a wide range of topics. Most of the statistics concentrate on the UK, but we also have some on the European Union and other countries.

  • Milton Keynes City Council Statistics - statistics for the area of Milton Keynes including data on population, 2001 census and unemployment.
  • MK Insight - a one-stop-shop for information about Milton Keynes and the surrounding area, including statistics.
  • The Local Studies and Archives Department has a collection of historical statistics for the Milton Keynes area, covering population, crime, employment and general facts and figures.

UK national statistics

  • Visit the official UK statistics website. Many publications are available on the site free of charge.

EU and international statistics

  • Official statistics on the web - this gateway is a quick way to locate statistics on the internet and you can search by country, region and topic.
  • Nationmaster - this is a massive central data source and a handy way to geographically compare nations.
  • Eurostat - Official European Union statistics website, providing extensive information on EU statistics, industries and markets.
  • OECD - a group of 30 member countries sharing a commitment to democratic government and the market economy. Best known for its publications and its statistics, its work covers economic and social issues from macroeconomics, to trade, education, development and science and innovation.
  • United Nations Statistics Division - a list of links to national statistics offices for countries worldwide.

Milton Keynes City Council Libraries contact information

Milton Keynes Central Library, 555 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 3HL