How do I pay fines and charges?

  • We accept cash at all libraries but we do not currently process credit/debit card transactions or electronic refunds.
  • Cash payments can be made at self-service kiosks at all libraries. The kiosks take coins as well as £5/£10 notes and give change.
  • You can pay online with your credit/debit card using the library online payment service. Log in to your online library account to do this.

Making online payments

We're aware of an intermittent issue with online payments and apologise if this affects you. We're working to resolve it.

  • Log in to your online library account.
  • Click the link to your outstanding fines and charges to see a breakdown of the total.
  • Select the items you want to pay and click 'Pay Online'.
  • When entering your debit/credit card number don't include any spaces and enter your name exactly as it appears on the card.
  • If you've registered for Verified by Visa or Secure Code you'll also be asked to enter that information.
  • Once you've confirmed your payment you'll be able to print your page as a receipt, giving you full details including a receipt number.

If you need further information, please read our detailed online payments guidance notes.

How can I remember when my items are due back?

  • When you borrow items, the self-service kiosks print a receipt telling you the due date.
  • You can sign up for email reminders.
  • You can also check the return dates for your items through your online library account.

Milton Keynes City Council Libraries contact information

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